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In 2023, the historic neighborhood of Deep Ellum will celebrate 150 years since its founding. Known as the birthplace of blues in North Texas, this Cultural District is one of Dallas’ most dynamic neighborhoods. Today, the district holds on to its history with decades-old local businesses, cutting-edge cuisine and cultural experiences in music, arts, sports and entertainment. 

Since its founding in 1873, Deep Ellum has been a place for ALL people to come together to live, work and pursue their passions. Those roots are still the lifeblood and source of inspiration driving the ever-evolving neighborhood today, making Deep Ellum perhaps the most sought-after destination in Dallas. 

Next year, we will have unforgettable events celebrating the history, present day and future of Deep Ellum. To make this historic year the best it can be for Dallas, contribute today!


The Deep Ellum Foundation operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation managing public and private funds within the community to advance the interests of the neighborhood as a whole and achieve a sustainable growth trajectory for the district now and into the future.


At the Deep Ellum Foundation, we collectively envision a Deep Ellum neighborhood that is safe, inviting, connected to surrounding districts and is a true live, work, play environment that simultaneously embodies an authentic, unique and vibrant community.

To achieve this vision, the Deep Ellum Foundation serves to maintain, enhance and advocate on behalf of the Deep Ellum neighborhood.

We do this by:

1. Connecting and informing stakeholders

2. Providing public safety services

3. Maintaining and improving the built environment

4. Marketing and promoting the area, and

5. Cultivating core assets including art, music, culture, entrepreneurship, and diversity that continuously spur the community to thrive.


We are gearing up for the historic celebration of Deep Ellum's 150th anniversary in 2023! Your contribution today will make the year unforgettable for Dallas residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, your contribution goes to all the efforts of the Deep Ellum Foundation to support the district in a variety of ways, including public safety, beautification, ease of business and marketing.

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Deep Ellum Foundation

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