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$6,000 Goal

We are innovators, our Mission saves and transforms lives through LITERACY , COMMUNITY AND MENTORING PROGRAMS

We assist the community in the areas of personal and business development emphasizing Mentoring and Leadership. We teach FREE of charge:
ESL, GED, Citizenship and Computer classes as well as Spanish Literacy Classes.

Hispanic/Latino families in its majority, find DCET as a one-stop-shop. We offer multigenerational educational, cultural and community initiatives in partnership with the City of Irving, the Dallas and Irving school districts, corporations, mentors and volunteers. At DCET, parents learn ESL, GED, Citizenship classes, Spanish Literacy, or Computer classes while their children in another activity room, under the same roof practice dancing Mexican Folklorico, singing and playing some musical instrument). We strive for youth/children and their parents to become productive members of society while developing a sense of joy and pride working together to reach these goals. The students at DCET are trained to be leaders of this country.

After graduation some students become facilitators of our programs and education is passed on to first, second and third generations. Second generation high school students become tutors of parents learning another language and in return, DCET mentors them with prep-college workshops assisting them to enter college. A win/win situation!

DCET was founded in 1995 by Elvia Wallace-Martinez to assist the fast-growing number of Hispanic/Latino families in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas as a nonprofit Corporation organized under structure section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code and operates under the guidance of a Board of 05-five members and 4-four Advisory Council members. The Corporation is managed by a staff of four volunteer people. DCET is dedicated to provide the best educational, mentoring and cultural programs for the social and economic well-being of Hispanic youth and their families.

Our Needs

PROGRAM NAME: Expanding ESL, Civics & Citizenship Classes

Our Adult Basic Literacy Transition English as a Second Language program assists adult Senior students in Irving, TX. Our objective is to get them ready to be more productive citizens in USA & to overcome the English as Other Second Language (ESL) barrier. We offer a Spanish Literacy curricula component along with this class and also Civic & Citizenship classes to provide the basic foundation to learn advanced English so that our senior citizens can pass the Citizenship test.

Our Adult Basic Literacy Transition ESOL program PLAZAS COMUNITARI assists adult Senior students in Irving, TX. Its objective is to get them ready to be productive members of society while overcoming the language barrier. This Spanish Literacy curricula component includes ESOL, Civic & Citizenship classes providing a strong foundation for students to learn advanced English. This Mexican-based certified curricular graduates students from Basic Literacy to Primaria & Secundaria.

The illiteracy problem is hard to solve as the growing number of monolingual Hispanic immigration grows every day. In Irving, illiteracy is accompanied by a steady and high rate of school dropouts and there are very limited ESL classes for recent immigrants & their children who find it very hard to advance in their process of assimilation & acculturation. DCET addresses the needs of those economically disadvantaged families who are dependent upon some form of public assistance with FREE classes

from learning English as a second language , parents will be able to communicate with their children and assist them with homework. Children will earn proper early language development; Parents will be able to communicate with school personnel; Parents will be a model learning values with positive attitudes & behavior toward schools.

I am here today to request $3,080.00 to help us pay One Contract labor Instructor teaching our Citizenship/Civics class for Senior students 50 years and older. He will be providing 2-hr class (Mon/Wed) @$22.00/hrs., for 140 hours during 35 weeks.

The main GOAL of this FREE Program is to successfully serve 70 Spanish speaking illiterate students 50 years of age and over who live in Irving. This 35 week course links Spanish Adult Basic Literacy which helps students to immerse and Transition to our ESOL course so that students can then go through the Citizenship/Civics.



Debes Creer en Ti (DCET) means believe in yourself in English, and is the Spanish acronym and motto of our Community Learning Centers. Our students named our CLC (Community Learning Centers) as: "LA ESCUELITA" (The Little School), officially the Department of Education in Mexico certified us as; the Irving PLAZA COMUNITARIA. (DCET) is a non-profit organization based in Irving, Texas and is an Educational, Cultural and Charitable, 501(c)3 non-profit organization .

Our MISSION is to provide Literacy programs and support other educational and cultural initiatives that prepare the Irving families to improve the quality of their lives and enable them to contribute economically and culturally to their diverse communities and become productive members of society.

Our Goals

To offer ESL, GED, Citizenship and Computer classes, as well as Spanish Basic Literacy, Elementary and Jr. High school to adults while strengthen family unity, pride and identity among themselves.

To offer mentoring/Leadership programs using the Fine Arts to build in youth: Self Esteem, Social Skills and Fitness.

‚ÄãTo build strong ties with community leaders, schools, educators, corporations to build bridges among the needs of our students.

To bring family values and prevention of drugs and alcohol programs through an annual conference.

To contribute to bring FREE education to youth and their families developing a true potential toward the needs of this country.‚Äã‚Äã

To promote multicultural events offering health, education and fun to fund raise funds for high school students going to college.‚Äã

To offer community programs that can assist our students to become new productive citizens of this Country, resulting in highly productive members of society.


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Education - Career Prep, Employment & Workforce Development, Immigrants & Refugees

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