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Each year the Grayson County Children's Advocacy Center helps hundreds of children find hope and healing after child abuse! Since 2004, the CAC has worked to ensure that every victim of child abuse is offered the services and support they need. In the past children would have to tell their story to many people; the patrol officer, detectives, multiple CPS investigators, medical professionals, attorneys and more. This can add trauma for victims. Now, kids come to the CAC and talk to one person, a forensic interviewer with extensive specialized training. The forensic interview is watched by law enforcement and investigators from Family and Protective Services. It is also recorded so that investigators do not have to talk to children multiple times. We also offer acute and non-accute Sexual Assault Nurse Exams for victims of sexual abuse on site, reducing the number of places a family must go in the middle of a traumatic event.  Families at the CAC receive support from family advocates. Advocates serve as the liaison between families and investigators and support the families in any way necessary, including connecting them to resources to help with financial, hunger, housing, medical, or other issues. Victims and non-offending family members are offered trauma-specific mental healthcare treatment by our highly trained therapists. The therapists at the CAC are specially trained and Nationally Certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(TF-CBT). TF-CBT is a structured treatment modality that effectively improves a range of trauma-related outcomes in 8-25 sessions. Numerous studies comparing TF-CBT to other active treatment conditions have been conducted in the U.S. All of these studies have documented that TF-CBT was superior for improving children's trauma symptoms and responses. TF-CBT is endorsed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and numerous other government and professional organizations. In addition to these post-care resources, the CAC also offers prevention and education programs for children and adults. All programs at the CAC are offered free of charge to child abuse victims.

Our Needs

This year for Giving Day the CAC is focused on raising funds to refresh and renew our four therapy rooms to ensure they meet the needs of each child and family that receives therapy here. Any additional funds raised will support core services at the CAC - including prevention! 


Our mission is to provide services for the purpose of prevention, intervention, investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse in an effort to reduce the potential for additional trauma by promoting recovery of the child victim and non-offending family members.

Equity Statement

A continuing goal of the CAC is for all staff and volunteers to possess knowledge and skills to assess individual client cultures and to work with the client to integrate components of that culture into a care and treatment plan; to be open to learning the ways of others and willing to see past stereotypes; to suspend judgment; to remember that individuals are unique even within cultural groups; to adopt an attitude of service; and to accept responsibility to address cultural diversity.

The CAC’s work environment will promote the highest levels of performance and integrity from its employees and volunteers. In keeping with this commitment, the CAC will continue to create a diverse workforce where employees are valued as individuals who, together with the interagency partners, comprise the working multidisciplinary team. The team will provide services to a diverse population regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental challenges, marital status or any other cultural descriptors.

Members of the team will promote cultural awareness of other ethnic groups, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and/or beliefs. The CAC exists to serve all troubled families in a dignified, respectful, and ethical manner. Client’s families may come from varied backgrounds; however, the attitude toward these families will be present during service provision. Thus, CAC personnel will strive to be sensitive to others and remember that these troubled families have come for help, first and foremost.

All employees and volunteers, in working with others will not only value diversity but will:

• Be conscious of the dynamics that are inherent when cultures interact,

• Accept, appreciate, and accommodate cultural differences,

• Accept and respect differences,

• Accept their own culture in relation to other cultures,

• Understand the dynamics of when cultures intersect,

• Share cultural knowledge,

• Seek out knowledge, develop skills to interact with diverse environments, and become comfortable with other in multicultural settings, and

• Develop necessary adaptations when delivering services which reflect an understanding of diversity between and within cultures.

These elements will be demonstrated in all services and programs delivered by the CAC.

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