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It is a miracle any play or musical ever happens. Getting hundreds of people to be in the same place at the same time, impossible. Theatre Three has made the impossible possible for 60 years!

Making the impossible happens takes skilled professionals. Theatre Three has always believed in fair and competitive wages for these professionals which can become expensive. Theatre Three also believes in serving our audiences by issuing an affordable ticket price. Balancing these two is very tricky and requires philanthropic support!

Every gift towards Theatre Three is a gift towards our mission. Your gift ensures that authors and artists are fairly compensated. Your gift ensures that your neighbor on a fixed income can see our shows. Your gift raises the value of the experience enjoying theatre at Theatre Three and is an investment in our community.

Beyond our mission, we strive to make Theatre Three a second home for those in our community. We share space with other nonprofits. We own and operate our facility and are solely responsible for the maintenance of a 13,000 square foot building. Your gift goes to the preservation of our space and our continued operation.


We are an intimate stage for everyone. Playwrights will invent, artists will risk, and audiences will be immersed in new and familiar plays they can see from all sides. Feel emboldened, entertained, and intrigued -- rediscover and reach for T3!

Equity Statement

Imagine a stage with the same actor playing every role - all season - every season‚ and you wouldn't want that, and neither do we. Theatre Three is committed to developing, supporting, and presenting diverse work from diverse sources with diverse casts and crews to a diverse audience. Having a long history of doing just that, Theatre Three commits to continuing to promote these tenets in everything that we do. It makes for better theatre, and it makes a better world.

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Theatre Three, Inc.

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Equity Statement


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