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Sustaining Human-Animal Bonds in North Texas

LEAP, Lending Economic Assistance for Pets, facilitates veterinary care to pets belonging to underserved, low-income, and homebound families in Texas. LEAP breaks down barriers and lifts financial burdens, enhancing the quality of life for pets and humans alike.

How LEAP Works

LEAP acts as a bridge between the public and the veterinary profession. With exclusive access to Texas veterinarians and strong relationships with like-minded non-profits, both animals and vulnerable community members are served. LEAP operates through strategic partnerships with Meals on Wheels organizations in 11 counties in Texas and growing. Each year, LEAP provides care to over 800 animals belonging to nearly 600 individuals!

In North Texas, we partner with Visiting Nurses Association Meals on Wheels and recently expanded with Meals on Wheels North Central Texas!

Quality Care with LEAP

Each LEAP program operates on the community level. The high caliber of care provided is incredibly unique from other veterinary programs in Texas. LEAP veterinarians provide wellness care and critical procedures to pets belonging to their neighbors. Veterinarians only donate their time, and all other costs are covered by LEAP. During a visit, a veterinarian will provide canine wellness exams, feline wellness exams, vaccines, testing, and a year of flea/tick and heartworm preventative. Additionally, LEAP will help with critical procedures such as dentals, amputations, mass removals, treatment plans, cruciate surgery, and more.

LEAP Client Testimony

Brenda Ham, a Meals on Wheels client since 2017, is partially blind and homebound. She was enrolled in LEAP to help care for Ranger and ensure he was receiving quality veterinary care on a regular basis. Not only is he her best friend and loving companion, but he is also her unofficial seeing eye dog. While Ranger has no official training, he helps Brenda navigate steps and obstacles extremely well. The two have worked out an impressive rhythm that is critical to Brenda’s wellbeing.

Last fall, Brenda noticed Ranger had not been acting like his normal self. He had trouble eating and wasn’t playing with his toys like he used to. Brenda was gravely concerned about her dear friend. She was able to express her concern to her longtime volunteers, Dave and Debbie, who then took Ranger to the veterinarian.

With the help of devoted volunteers, the LEAP program, and our partnership with Oden Veterinary Hospital, Ranger received a much-needed dental procedure. The veterinarians successfully extracted multiple teeth causing Ranger pain and put him on antibiotics. After the dental, Brenda, Dave, and Debbie all reported that Ranger was romping and playing with his favorite toy -- something they had not seen him do in quite a while. They were thrilled to see him acting like his old self.

With the help of all of our veterinary partners in North Texas, pets like Ranger are able to receive much needed veterinary care. LEAP was able give Brenda’s devoted companion a second lease on life! 

About TVMF

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization in Texas that leverages veterinary partnerships and financial resources in order to support the veterinary profession by providing financial assistance in times of crisis, connecting veterinarians with opportunities to serve their communities, advocating responsible animal ownership and promoting and improving the well-being of animals.

The Foundation was established in 1978 as the philanthropic partner of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) which is one of the largest state veterinary medical associations in the nation. TVMF and TVMA partner to advance animal health for the well-being of animals and humans and to promote the veterinary medical profession.


The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is committed to supporting the veterinary profession and our communities in Texas by providing resources, education, and programs for the responsible stewardship of animals.

Equity Statement

Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, and its program partners, are committed to treating all clients, volunteers, and staff with dignity and respect. As an organization run by veterinarians, TVMF models its commitment to equity after the AVMA's commitment to equity and inclusion. This commitment embraces the value of the many areas of the veterinary profession, and the value of our members' and their clients' varied backgrounds, including but not limited to race; ethnicity; physical and mental abilities; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; parental, marital, or pregnancy status; religious or political beliefs; military or veteran status; and geographic, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds.

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Equity Statement


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