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We are guided by four primary objectives representing the critical health needs of communities in the region and an effort to empower local organizations and families to develop sustainable programs for addressing the unique challenges they face.

Objective 1 - Bolster nutritional intake and reduce nutritional deficiencies through the implementation of sustainable solutions. 

The Quispicanchi Project seeks to provide local organizations with the resources necessary to offer proper nutrition to families and children living in the region. The primary diet for many individuals living in highland communities consists of potatoes and rice. As a result, many children and adults suffer from anemia and other conditions caused by a lack of access to the critical nutrition provided by fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The Project collaborates with communities to implement sustainable solutions to improve their nutrition, such as systems of agriculture and farming which can provide a long-term source of locally grown produce and affordable protein.

Objective 2 - Work with local organizations to implement best health practices and improve overall well-being.

In addition to providing proper nutrition, the Quispicanchi Project supports the work of organizations and individuals working to improve the general health and well-being of their communities. We recognize the importance of community and organizational partnerships, aiming to collaborate in order to assess community health status, address health issues, and promote proper health, hygiene and personal care. From health promotion to violence prevention, among other interventions, we work towards improving the health and increasing well-being of various populations within the Quispicanchi region.

Objective 3 - Support local organizations working to increase equitable access to education in its various forms while empowering communities of creators and learners to achieve their potential.

Many educational institutions throughout the Quispicanchi region lack the resources to provide equitable education to students. Working in partnership with these institutions, and others, we support and promote initiatives that increase equitable access to education. Other communities of creators and learners exist across the region, and the Project seeks to empower these communities to reach their full potential, particularly their economic potential.

Objective 4 - Celebrate and promote local and indigenous cultures.

The highlands of Peru are home to some of the most vibrant and colorful cultures and traditions of any in the entire country. The communities we support are no exception. Recognizing that a rich cultural heritage is essential for a community's health, the Quispicanchi Project seeks to celebrate and support the region's heritage through the promotion of, among other things, the indigenous language, art, and religious practices unique to the region and its people.



Supporting and empowering families and organizations of indigenous and rural communities through the cultivation of culturally responsible sustainable solutions in the Quispicanchi Province of southern Peru.


All donations through our North Texas Giving Day fundraising will go the area of most significant need.

We are also currently raising support for three critical efforts:

Sustainable Agriculture Development - This program sustains a network of greenhouses which will provide supplemental nutrition to over 400 families in the region.

Nutrition Assistance Program - This program provides meals to families in Andahuaylillas, Huaro, and Urcos who cannot otherwise afford them.

Project Sullumayo - This program is rooted in the rural community of Sullumayo located in the Andean highlands. Collaborating directly with community leaders and working primarily at the local secondary school that also effectively serves as the center of community life, we focus on health and hygiene, nutrition, and empowerment.

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