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$10,000 Goal

We believe Elise would want everyone to be smarter around water.

We strive to meet our mission by:
1. Providing Daycare Outreach Education during the summer months. We teach children to have a designated capable water watcher before accessing water. 
2. Equipping those closest to the water with lifesaving water safety skills by sponsoring lifeguard certifications for North Texas Swimming Athletes and Coaches. 3. Sharing our water safety message with North Texas Swimming Athletes and recognizing dedicated swimmers with swim camp and college scholarships. 

4. Living by Elise’s Believe Poem that she wrote when she was 9 years old. It is our mantra and our guiding light. Her “Believe In Yourself Poem” can be found at www.Swim4Elise.com/mission/   


The Swim4Elise Foundation works to raise awareness of water safety through community outreach education and swimming scholarships. Our message is filled with purpose and passion as we honor the life of Elise Cerami, who fatally drowned during her club swim practice in 2016.

It is our mission to:

1. Partner with the community to develop water safety advocates who will help further the message of water safety

2. Raise awareness of water safety for competitive swimmers and general aquatics

3. Foster the standard that lifeguard-certified swimmers and coaches add a valuable layer to water safety


Donations help our organization provide FREE classroom water safety education to local daycare centers. In addition, we fund the cost of lifeguard certifications for North Texas Swimmers and Coaches. We also use funds to support our scholarship program for swimmers. Data we receive from swimmers is sent to the American Red Cross. This information helps the Red Cross improve their safety training material nationwide.

Equity Statement

The Swim4Elise Foundation is a 501 C 3 nonprofit, that works to honor the life of Elise Cerami by promoting water safety through community outreach education and swimming scholarships. The Swim4Elise Foundation places no restriction on the student’s choice of an accredited collegiate institution and has no affiliation with any university. While we share water safety messaging nationwide, our daycare education program is currently limited to North Texas. our scholarship criteria can be found at www.Swim4Elise.com

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Equity Statement


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