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St. Jude Chapel began a major repair and renovation project on all of the stained-glass and skylight windows. This four-part project, approved by the Finance Council and supported by the generosity of the St. Jude Chapel Community, started Monday April 25 and was completed the week of July 11, 2022. The entire project came in at approximately $101,400. This was a little more than anticipated however we were able to accomplish more for the chapel. Here is an overview of the various parts to the Stained-Glass Project:

The first part of the project was the John Kebrle designed stained-glass skylight. There was major structural damage that had to be addressed so that it would last for another 54 or more years. The stained-glass skylight window was taken out after the scaffolding went in; the Baldacchino (ornate chandelier over the altar) was removed, cleaned and placed in storage. The area above the skylight stained-glass was repainted and cleaned up and it was updated to outfit with LED lighting. This was the longest part of the entire project. 

The second part was the Kebrle designed 14 Stations of the Cross stained-glass windows. These panels were removed and repaired and all the lighting was replaced with programmable LED lighting. 

The outside Dalle de Verre stained-glass windows was the third part. There was a section that had a major piece of glass broken during the civil unrest that needed to be replaced. This meant the entire panel needed to be reset and cast. 

The fourth part of this project was the replacement of all the skylight windows. Because the skylight window over the stained-glass had not been opened in many years, it was determined that it could be because leaks could occur. The decision was made to replace it with updated window and therefore all of the skylight windows were replaced. Impact resistant windows went in throughout the chapel. 

All of this of course, was made possible through the (ongoing) generosity of the SJC Community. As with any project, there were some costs that were revised as part of the project. For example, the scaffolding needed to be custom-built because of the unique shape of the ceiling over the altar; additional Stations of the Cross stained-glass windows were in need of repair and new diffusers needed to be ordered. The funds we raise through North Texas Giving Day will help defray the additional costs we encountered on this major project. 

“The good we do lives on after us and it must give you [Mr. Hughes] much satisfaction and pleasure to have realized a long held dreame [SIC] at last.” 

John Kebrle to Monsignor Arthur Hughes May 21, 1968

St. Jude Chapel recently celebrated its 54th anniversary on April 29th. We are extremely blessed to be today's stewards and caretakers of such an invaluable source of meditation, prayer and sacraments in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Thank you for your consideration, support and continued generosity.


The mission of St. Jude Chapel is to maintain a Catholic presence in downtown Dallas to serve the business community, the residents, and visitors with daily Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Jude, patron of hopeless cases, and people of all denominations are encouraged to use the chapel for prayer and meditation and to ask St. Jude to intercede for them so that their spiritual needs can be met. 


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