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In April of 2022 St. Jude Chapel embarked on a three-month project to repair the stained-glass skylight and Stations of the Cross windows and upgrade to LED lighting. The skylight windows were replaced, and two new HVAC systems were installed. While we were working on these projects, we made note of all the additional repair work and upgrades that need to do be done for the chapel. PROJECT 55+ is our new initiative that will help address this extensive list of interior and exterior repairs we plan to tackle starting in October. Specifically, Project 55+ consists of the following:

  • Our Pews – our pews need repair. There are several that show signs of wear and tear with rotting, loose or broken kneelers and other parts that need repair. We would also like to take some of our pews and shorten them so that we can make these sections for our guests who are in the service of a wheelchair or a walker. It will also be convenient for parents to put their stroller in this new space. This will be extremely in the event of an emergency as nothing will be in the aisles. 
    • We will also add automatic door entry to help our guests who are in use of a wheelchair or walker. 
  • Acoustical Ceiling Spray, Exterior Wall, Skylight Window and Stained-Glass Repair – there are sections of the ceiling inside the chapel and inside our lobby that are broken or separating from its base. It needs repair. 
    • There are small pieces of the exterior concrete wall that need to be repaired. We will clean the exterior walls, make the repairs and paint. 
    • One skylight window needs to be finished out. 
  • Flooring and Transitions – there are numerous areas of the floor and transitions that require attention.
    • Various transition areas throughout the stairwell and emergency exit need repair.
    • The entry lobby floor needs to be cleaned.
    • The outside sidewalk needs to be repaired. 
  • Lighting of the Mosaic (Exterior), Sign and Cross – in 2017, the interior and exterior mosaics were repaired. Since the exterior mosaic is such a unique aspect of the chapel and efforts were made to restore and repair it, we have decided that the outdated lighting needs to be upgraded. Currently the type of light fixtures used create shadows that project onto the mosaic in the evening. We would use grant money to upgrade the lighting and upgrade the lighting on the white curved wall facing Main Street to complement the mosaic lighting upgrade. 
    • The St. Jude Chapel sign will need to be given a good cleaning and the lighting checked. 
    • The Cross will also be cleaned, repaired, and given a paint treatment that will complement the Mosaic. 
  • The Lobby Millwork – We are planning to update the fixtures in the lobby to be more modern while solving the problem of providing display opportunities as well as storage room. 
  • HVAC Returns – In the installation of the two new systems, we discovered that additional returns were needed in the chapel on the second floor. We plan to add a large return in the “choir loft” hallway as well as to put a smaller return in a hallway where our new server and other electrical equipment is kept. 
  • Altar Marble and Railing – The railing over the years has become extremely loose and needs repair. There are also sections in the marble railing and altar that were repaired poorly. We plan to have a marble expert look at both to get an assessment and make the repairs. 
  • Organ Repairs – Wolf Organ has identified major work that needs to be done to about twelve of the larger pipes in the organ that was built specifically for the chapel. 

We have chosen the name Project 55+ as the chapel celebrates its 55th anniversary this year 2023 and as stewards, we feel it is our right and duty to make sure that great care is taken now for the chapel's next 55 years.

Thank you for your consideration, support, and ongoing generosity. 


“The good we do lives on after us and it must give you [Mr. Hughes] much satisfaction and pleasure to have realized a long held dreame [SIC] at last.” John Kebrle to Monsignor Arthur Hughes May 21, 1968


The mission of St. Jude Chapel is to maintain a Catholic presence in downtown Dallas to serve the business community, the residents, and visitors with daily Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Jude, patron of hopeless cases, and people of all denominations are encouraged to use the chapel for prayer and meditation and to ask St. Jude to intercede for them so that their spiritual needs can be met. 


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