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$5,000 Goal

Thank you for supporting Southern Sector Rising. Because of your support, we have been know to move mountains together - SHINGLE MOUNTAIN! 

However, even though we have successfully removed Shingle Mountain and are remediating the contamination, our communities remain inundated with toxic polluters and need urgent help. Your Black and Latina/o/x neighbors in Sandbranch are struggling this summer. Without and water or wastewater infrastructure, or access to a consistent source of clean water, this community is facing extreme risk in the summer heat. With your support during North TX Giving Day, we can organize regular water deliveries to families and their pets in Sandbranch, and together make a big difference for this community.

Even small donations make a BIG difference, here's what your donations do:

$20 buys one Sandbranch family food for their pet for a week

$40 buys one Sandbranch family a month of clean water

$100 buys one Sandbranch family vaccines for their pet for a year

$200 buys one Sandbranch family sanitation services for a month

$300 buys one 275-gallon water tote for a household in need

$500 buys a 2000-gallon water delivery to the Sandbranch community, covering their water needs for a month

$1500 buys sanitation services for a month for the entire Sandbranch Community

Together, we can make a Dallas where Black, Latina/o/x and Indigenous residents have access to a full range of social and economic opportunities to determine their futures and thrive.


Southern Sector Rising fights environmental, economic and racial inequities in Dallas through education, coalition and power building, policy advocacy, and mutual aid.

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Environment & Conservation, Human Rights, Civil Rights & Advocacy, Racial Equity

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