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$30,000 Goal

With a Mission Statement of "To provide hope to the under-served through collaborative partnerships and community service" we identified four primary areas that are lacking the area support needed to survive the impacts made on them by the Pandemic.  Those areas include populations of Domestic Violence, Homeless, Vulnerable Family and Child Abuse.  We engaged organizations and neighborhoods in Tarrant County and its six surrounding counties to donate needed funds, furniture and household items used to furnish rental housing of domestic violence individuals and families.  Utilizing a volunteer corps that includes high school and university students, adult civic and business leaders to collect and distribute donated items to recipients in empty living quarters.  These make a huge impact on self-esteem, feeling of being cared about and a huge boost in hope for the recipients.  Since August of 2020 we've completely furnished 210 apartments and on target to surpass 100 in 2023.  To financially support that pace we need to more than double 2022 donation amount of over $10,000 (includes checks and NTXGD proceeds).

We also collect, refurbish and distribute bikes to the homeless which enables them to get to and sustain employment.  That qualifies them for housing grants, gets them off the street and further helps with their self-esteem, pride and hope for the future.  We've distributed over 130 bikes in last two years with many now living in apartments.

As we publish articles with pictures in social media about these events, donors see their items repurposed which instills community service with their children.  We've seen instances of those children donating their own items to ShareFest-Texas to give to the children of our recipients.

Another of our 11 initiatives involves helping assisted / palliative care families with members transitioning from a facility for any reason; i.e., going to memory care, hospice or from passing.  Upon notice from the family and facility, ShareFest-Texas volunteers will come and remove all furniture and belongings from the patient's unit and store it in a pre-defined storage entity for 30 days.  This move saves the family high rental fees of the care facility and provides time for the family to review and make decisions concerning the belongings and furniture.  Frequently families will donate furniture to SFT and medical devices to care facilities within thirty days or less thus saving considerable stress.


To Provide Hope to the Under-Served Through Collaborative Partnerships and Community Service. Hope arrives in the form a fully furnished apartment or home with quality furniture and essential items.


SFT is needing funds to support the collection, warehouse storage and distribution of furniture, household goods and essential supplies for ShareFest-Texas' Initiatives. The primary initiative is associated with the furnishing for Domestic Violence (Safe Haven+), Child Abuse (CPS), Homeless victim and refugee rental units. Since August 2020 ShareFest-Texas has fully furnished over 220 recipient apartments and houses and partially furnished many foster and adoptive care homes. Thus far in 2023 we've matched our 2021 total of 60 apartments furnished as the heat has slowed us down which has caused a backlog of recipient units awaiting furnishing. The number of donors who supply furniture and essentials have steadily increased their activity forcing us to look for bigger warehouse.

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Domestic/Family Violence & Advocacy, Housing, Shelter & Homelessness, Youth & Children

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Less than $100,000

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Collin, Dallas, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant

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Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx

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