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For almost 20 years, Second Thought has played a key role in shaping the theatre community of Dallas. Past investments have allowed us to produce compelling and meaningful performances, and we invite you to continue that support on North Texas Giving Day!

The staff and board members of Second Thought Theatre invite you to make a gift(s) to the following initiative of your choice: 

Enhancing Your Experience: Set Design - Bryant Hall has provided us with great flexibility by allowing us to create spaces in the round, thrust, and proscenium, giving audiences a variety of experiences throughout the season. By far one of our greatest expenses annually is allocated towards our set design so that the first impression our patrons experience in our space is one of awe due to the set. Your support in this area will allow us to create top-tier spaces for each of our performances and underwrite the costs of materials and labor throughout the season. 

Ensuring Our Success: Talent - In our 20-year history, we have been fortunate to showcase the best talent in Dallas on our stage. Every year, we have been amazed by the performances of both our equity and non-equity performers but have never had the ability to underwrite understudies as a way to mitigate risk. Throughout COVID, we experience challenges that were problematic to the integrity of our performances and strongly desire to provide stipends for both non-equity actors and understudies for each performance. Gifts towards this initiative will be one of the more meaningful ways in which we can grow the theatre and maintain our illustrious reputation. 

For the Future: Our Website – The primary way in which to engage with current and prospective patrons is through our website. The logistics of a modern theatre have surpassed what our website can offer, and we are in the process of a feasibility assessment to re-think this critical area of our business. Your gift towards this effort will allow us to hire a website designer who will improve our ticket and subscription interface, newsletters, season announcements, engagement with visitors, and so much more. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share these important initiatives with you that will dramatically enhance the operations of our theatre. Your support will touch on every facet of what we do operationally, artistically, and administratively. We know there are many reputable institutions in which you can make a gift. Knowing this, we promise to be faithful stewards of your investment in us.


Second Thought Theatre provides and intimate and unique theatrical experience by empowering top local theater artists to take risks and by showcasing writers who boldly tackle the difficult and demanding questions of our rapidly changing world.


-Set Design Funding

-Investment in higher pay for Actors and Understudies

-Revamping of our Website

Equity Statement


Theater is a communal experience. Artists meet audiences in a celebration of creativity,

expression, and life. This celebration is at its fullest when both the artists and the audience bring

with them their own unique and diverse backgrounds. Second Thought Theatre strongly believes

that it will create the best possible theater only when it operates with an eye toward ensuring that

everyone has an opportunity to participate, everyone is included, everyone feels welcome, and

everyone is represented.

As such, Second Thought actively seeks to create art that helps our community evolve towards

greater acceptance of those who are different than ourselves. By focusing on topics and works

that make you “think again,” Second Thought challenges its artists and audiences to recognize

and stand up against issues of inequality and injustice.

Through its equity initiatives, Second Thought will continue its focus on the greater Dallas

community and all of the things that make it unique, diverse, inclusive, and wonderful while

continuing to stand against elements of intolerance and injustice that threaten those that deserve

to be just as welcome to participate. Second Thought is committed to the following initiatives,

among others, that it believes will not only accomplish the above, but also enhance the theater

experience for its artists, staff, board, and audiences.

● Second Thought will prioritize empowering diverse perspectives in all aspects of our

organization including play selection, casting, staffing, and board recruitment.

● Second Thought will produce at least one BIPOC playwright and employ at least one

BIPOC director per year.

● Second Thought will dedicate itself to works that celebrate the human experience while

confronting uncomfortable issues that detract from it.

● Second Thought will seek out artists from a diverse set of backgrounds that will allow it

to tell honest stories in a way that bolsters inclusion and provides opportunities to all.

● Second Thought will support the local Dallas artist community - producing works by

local writers; engaging local actors, directors, and producers; contracting local designers.

● Second Thought will compensate its artists and staff fairly and equitably.

● Second Thought will make staffing and casting decisions in a manner that prioritizes the

contributions that the individual can make to the organization and does not discriminate

against anyone for any reason.

● Second Thought will reach out to underserved and under-represented communities and

provide opportunities to attend its performances without financial hardship.

● Second Thought will recruit members to its Board of Directors that believe in and work

to support its mission with the goal of having at least 20% of directors from communities

of color by 2025.

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Equity Statement


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