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Rockwall PAWS is committed to raising awareness regarding heartworm positive dogs at the Rockwall Adoption Center. Rockwall PAWS provides financial assistance to off-set the expensive heartworm treatment for adoptable dogs that may otherwise, be overlooked.

Heartworms are a HUGE problem in Texas. Dogs often contract the infestation through the bite of infected mosquito. The invasion is difficult to detect, since the dog will often exhibit no symptoms until it's has progressed.

Rockwall PAWS is making sure you're best friend is safe and people are educated on how to protect your furry family member from heartworm disease.

Our Needs

Our needs are purely monetary given we fund heartworm treatment for heartworm positive dogs.
‚ÄãRockwall PAWS pays for the pre-treatment LAB work, Chest X-ray, hospitalization required for the treatment, and the 'shots' (Immiticide injections) - the most expensive part of the treatment. Average cost of treatment is as follows: Small dogs between 2-44 pounds cost around $300.00; Medium dogs 45 - 88 pounds $430.00; Large dogs 89-110 pounds may cost over $500.00. There are often other expenses such as Antibiotics, Pain medicine, or Prednisone; if the Veterinarian thinks they are needed.


Rockwall PAWS is a 501 (c) (3) organization that prevents the euthanasia of homeless and unwanted animals by providing treatment for Heartworm Positive dogs from the Rockwall Animal Adoption Center.

Prior to Rockwall PAWS, January 2010, ALL shelter dogs that tested Heartworm Positive were euthanized.

We have helped over 400 dogs become adoptable through Heartworm treatment.

We encourage and provide education for Heartworm Prevention, and we promote Spay/Neuter.

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