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In DFW and nationally, public school principals have an incredibly complex job. They are responsible for setting vision; recruiting, developing, and retaining great teachers, maintaining a strong campus culture, leading strong instruction, and the list goes on. This is in addition to the new role of being the emotional "rock" for their communities in the midst of a global pandemic, which has completely disrupted our education system. 

Research shows that school leadership is second only to classroom instruction in its impact on student learning, and in a recent study commissioned by The Wallace Foundation the authors write, " is difficult to envision an investment with a higher ceiling on its potential return than a successful effort to improve principal leadership. At the same time, our educators on the front lines are experiencing the lowest morale on record. 

According to the latest NASSP report, since the beginning of the pandemic, 79% of principals report they have been working harder, 73% report working longer hours and 62% report having a harder time doing their job than ever before. In DFW, 28% of principals report they are likely to leave the education profession in the next five years (Best in Class Principals Survey, 2021), and schools serving high poverty families are more likely to experience principal turnover.

PIC is one of the only local organizations dedicated to school leader professional development and has a track-record for effectively improving leader outcomes. 88% of PIC principals report that they are more empowered to persist in their role as a leader, and supervisors rated 2 out of 3 PIC principals in the top 15% in overall effectiveness as a campus leader (2019 Cohort, End-of-Program Survey).

How do we do this?

The Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC) has been dedicated to serving principals since 2016. PIC equips principals with the executive leadership capacity, confidence and resilience needed to navigate the complex realities of the urban principalship and ultimately persist in their roles long-term. PIC's three-part program model combines rigorous leadership development and coaching in design thinking, well-being and transformative leadership.

PIC is increasingly important for principals and education leaders, as we provide a safe space for them to learn and grow, so they can be resilient in their role.

We are humbled to serve these leaders and hope you will join us in creating more opportunities for our Principal Fellowship program alumni leaders to benefit from the PIC community. Your gift will directly translate to alumni leader programming.



All students will thrive in schools led by visionary, impactful and enduring leaders.


To develop and retain bold, equity-driven, and innovative education leaders who strengthen our communities.



-We value the collective and lived experiences people bring to the PIC community that cultivate(s) relationships rooted in trust, equity and inclusiveness.

-We do this by investing in human-centered, personal development so that all leaders will be able to thrive as their whole selves."


-We value ideas by creating opportunities for reflection and innovation by creating a diverse learning community of thought partners and critical friends.


-We value change by encouraging innovative thinking, an equity-driven mindset, and prioritizing well-being in order to promote sustainable, collaborative, and high-impact leadership in schools and systems of schools.

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Principal Impact Collaborative at UNT Dallas

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