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Build a Legacy Now and give to support the construction and programming of the National Juneteenth Museum in the Historic Southside Fort Worth. 

More than a Museum

The National Juneteenth Museum is more than a museum — it will be an epicenter for education and celebration that is dedicated to building opportunities to advance future generations.

As the epicenter for the preservation of Juneteenth history, the National Juneteenth Museum will be a collaborative space to foster conversations on the global significance of freedom and the celebration of Juneteenth worldwide.

The museum is expected to open to the public on June 19, 2025 and will be located on the corner of Rosedale and Evans Ave in the Historic Southside Fort Worth.

The 50,000-square-foot center will host guest lectures, community events and performances in its 250-seat amphitheater, bring families together at the on-site food hall featuring emerging chef concepts and grand green space, and launch big ideas into reality through its business incubator program.

Transformative Community Gateway 

The Historic Southside neighborhood was once a thriving African-American community deemed the “Black Wall Street of the South” and was home to William McDonald, one of the first Black American millionaires in the nation. However, like many other communities across the country, decades of disinvestment and neglect produced by suburban sprawl and changing population dynamics led the Historic Southside to become one of the nation's most underserved communities.  It currently has the state’s lowest life expectancy and one of the highest infant mortality rates, according to a 2019 UT Southwestern study.

The museum is strategically designed to provide a cultural and economic anchor for this community to ensure future vitality while honoring its rich history.

Over the last 30 years the neighborhood has been downtrodden and destitute. The museum campus will be catalytic in the resurgence of its economic and cultural health.” – Jarred Howard, NJM CEO and Visionary

Fostering a true ecosystem for economic and cultural development, the National Juneteenth Museum will generate significant economic impacts on the local and statewide economies through job creation, tax revenue and non-local patron spending at local businesses and establishments during their visit to the museum. 


The National Juneteenth Museum connects the stories of freedom of the enslaved to modern-day liberation in daily pursuit of equity and justice.


We are almost to the half way mark of our capital fundraising campaign to begin construction. With your support we can build a legacy together to educate and empower future generations!

Equity Statement

The National Juneteenth Museum and its design teams at BIG and KAI Enterprises are committed to ensuring minority businesses are in leadership roles and are a significant part of the construction and other opportunities.

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