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Our focus is to change the hearts and minds of our youth and help them become future-ready while making a difference in our community:
1) Our elementary-aged kids meet weekly or twice/monthly at their schools, faith-based institutions, and other hosting sites to accomplish hands-on TOP SECRET missions to help others. They stock food banks, craft gifts for kids in hospitals and orphanages, entertain at nursing homes, sign well wishes on quilts for wounded soldiers, and much more. In the "doing," the way kids learn best, they increase their problem-solving and complex thinking skills, boost their self-confidence, build an incredible work ethic, and develop a habit of servant leadership. MPK service learning also reduces alienation and at-risk behaviors, the two primary factors in addition to poverty that contribute to teen drop-out rates and crime involvement. MPK service learning is especially important for our low-income students. While their families must rely on social services to survive, MPK shows these kids there are powerful things they can do to give back now, reframing their mindset about what is possible. This in turn carries over into academics and other areas of their lives. MPK involvement is life-changing! Last year we had sponsors to support 6 DFW low-income schools with MPK. 375 low-income elementary-aged kids learned they, too, had something powerful to give back to their community--they helped over 12,000 people with their projects for hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, wounded soldiers, and more.

2) To be future-ready, THOUSANDS of area teens need internships and career development skills before they graduate from high school. As Collin County's longest-running and largest single-site provider of internships for high-school students, MPK provides critical life skills and prepares teens for the workforce, training up to 25 interns each summer and we're positioned to grow. MPK interns gain the early professional level experience they need to help them get into college, gain college internships, and provide a jumpstart on future careers. With the right funding, MPK plans to double our internships to serve 50 next summer, plus expand our proven career workshops to 500 local teens in 2021.

Our Needs

MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS needs funding to:
1) Bring the MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS experience to more low income elementary students in the DFW area. With your help, MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS can rewire their thinking about what these students can accomplish in life. We have a growing waitlist of low-income schools in DFW who are waiting for your support to bring MPK to their students. It takes $8,000/year per school to serve the students and the thousands of people in need their projects help. Goall: $16,000
2) Expand our teen intern services. We need funding to grow the # of summer interns we can support, plus add career extension services for 500 high-school students at local high schools during the school year. Goal: $10,000
3) Capacity funding to meet the rapidly growing demand for our programming in schools and faith-based institutions across North Texas, to empower ALL our youth to change the world, and change their own lives, too! Goal: $6,000


MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS (MPK) empowers youth to become "agents of change" in our world by helping others, changing their own lives, too.

Our vision is to strengthen and vitalize our communities through 1) the empowerment of our youth and 2) creating pathways for community involvement.

We do that by ensuring kids and teens are future-ready, to become productive citizens who can care for themselves as well as contribute to society. MPK works toward this goal by building character and life skills in young people, giving them real-world problem-solving activities, and showing them how their efforts make an impact through service.

MPK engages kids, teens, and adults alike to be actively involved in a hands-on way helping area nonprofits. Regular volunteering not only develops habits of service and fulfillment for those involved, but it also stabilizes the community by providing thousands of hours of free work-time to the nonprofits that meet the needs of our community. Through this method, MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS (MPK) has helped over 4 million people in need to date.

Equity Statement

MISSION POSSIBLE KIDS (MPK) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers, subcontractors and vendors, all the nonprofit, pro bono, and corporate partners we work with, and the children and leaders we support in MPK chapters across North America.

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