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Cultivating minds, nurturing bodies, and growing community through experiential learning and sustainable farming.

About Us:

At Moss Haven Farm, we're not just sowing seeds; we're planting the future. Located in the heart of North Texas, Moss Haven Farm is a thriving community hub where education and agriculture intersect to create a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Story:

Founded in 2012, Moss Haven Farm started as an elementary school garden and has evolved into a vibrant and dynamic organization dedicated to promoting hands-on learning, environmental stewardship, and the joys of growing and sharing wholesome food.

Our Impact:

  • Empowering Education: We provide students of all ages with enriching, interactive educational experiences, teaching them essential life skills, fostering a love for the environment, and nurturing their curiosity.

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Our farm isn't just a place to grow food; it's a living example of sustainable agriculture. We cultivate high-yield crops, manage a Giving Garden that donates thousands of pounds of produce to the North Texas Food Bank, and maintain 23 raised beds, farm fields, a Texas Native bed, and an efficient compost system.

  • Community Building: Moss Haven Farm is a gathering place for people from all walks of life. Families, schools, and neighbors come together to learn, work, and celebrate the joys of nature and community.

  • Edible Education: Our mission is to provide edible education for every grade level. We believe that teaching the connection between food and the environment empowers individuals to make healthier, more sustainable choices.

How You Can Help:

Your support during North Texas Giving Day can help us continue our mission and expand our impact. With your contribution, we can:

  • Strengthen Education: Fund STEM curriculum and teacher training, ensuring every student may continue weekly classes outside.

  • Feed the Community: Support our efforts to grow food for the North Texas Food Bank, addressing food insecurity in our region.

  • Nurture Growth: Contribute to the ongoing maintenance of our farm, including our beloved chicken coop, to create a thriving learning environment.

  • Cultivate Sustainability: Help us purchase materials for seasonal crops and further our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

We invite you to participate in our growth and impact on North Texas Giving Day. Together, we can sow the seeds of knowledge, sustainability, and community building. Your support helps us reach our goals and brings us closer to a more connected and sustainable future.


At Moss Haven Farm, we are dedicated to cultivating tomorrow's community-minded leaders, deeply rooted in healthy living, educational growth, and environmental stewardship. We continue to grow high-yield crops and have now contributed over 22,000 pounds of fresh produce to the North Texas Food Bank. Your support helps us nurture the next generation and simultaneously combat hunger in our community. Join us in sowing the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable future. Visit [Website Link] to learn more and get involved.


-Educator expenses for weekly outdoor lessons

-Farm class supplies

-Materials for planting rotating crops and maintenance

-Chicken feed and supplies for the care of our chickens!

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