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“There’s a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us.” – Thich Nhat Hanh   

“When we love the earth, we are able to love ourselves more fully.” - bell hooks

We at the Mind Body Ecology Institute work at the intersection of equity, well-being, and sustainability.  

A core part of our mission is creating a culture of belonging and inspiring people to think more deeply about the global issues we face and our relationship with nature.

We offer a variety of nature-centered educational programs and workshops dedicated to Earth + self care through experiential practice and intellectual engagement for those interested in taking a lead in community well-being, social equity, and sustainability.

Our approach at the Mind Body Ecology Institute weaves the sciences, humanities, and centuries of global Indigenous and Buddhist wisdom with nature-based experiential practice in a rigorous, systematic, and integrative manner. 

As a community-led organization, we have helped individuals transition to more sustainable and rewarding careers, deepen their understanding of interdependence and flourishing, as well as engage in a journey of self-transformation with far-reaching impacts on their immediate communities and beyond. 

This is made possible through a multidimensional approach that combines community building, meditation, embodiment practice, storytelling, and deep listening to reawaken our connection with nature, all underpinned by dialogues on self, worldviews, interdependence, equity, and sustainability.

We hope that people who attend our programs develop a practical sense of interdependence as well as a conceptual understanding of what interdependence involves, along with the ways we can collectively foster the flourishing of Mother Earth and all living beings.

Sustainability discourse is predominantly centered on structural or “outer” transformations in public policy and law, green technology and business, innovative agriculture, and shifts in our behaviors. Wise engagement in these areas is necessary. 

However, these discussions overlook the necessity of self-transformation in effectively addressing environmental and social inequities.

Our programs uniquely approach well-being through a nature-centered “inner” transformational model that addresses physical, mental, and social well-being as interconnected facets of human existence and planetary health.

Inner transformation requires challenging our worldviews, mindsets, and values, and liberating our minds, bodies, and relationships from unhealthy and inequitable influences.

We provide an avenue for participants to decolonize and expand their worldviews, mindsets, and values, bringing about profound inner transformation that can lead to a compassionate, responsible, and wise approach towards equity and sustainability.

The Mind Body Ecology Institute strives to help individuals understand their role in the dynamic web of life, fostering equity and collective flourishing.

We are kindly asking for your help in supporting our mission!

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Creating a more sustainable, equitable, and ecologically harmonious world.


Your thoughtful gift makes it possible for us to financially support historically excluded and marginalized folks who are interested in sustainability and doing the transformative work to flourish as visionary eco leaders among in their communities and networks. As you will find below, we are thrilled to have a $100,000 CHALLENGE GIFT on the table that your generous support can help us MATCH to help us achieve our goals!

We have needs in ALL areas, including:

(i) the MBEI financial assistance program,

(ii) a dedicated program manager,

(iii) a grant writer, and

(iv) marketing and web/social management.

Your generous gift directly supports the self-development and well-being of others as well as the health of our communities and planet!

As above, we are thrilled to share that we were informed today of a very generous $100,000 CHALLENGE GIFT by an anonymous donor specifically designated for an exciting new MBEI program that Alex Julie is developing which takes the Ecodharma practice into the water element! The program is called “UMI” (Underwater Meditative Immersion). ‘Umi’ means “ocean” in Japanese. He is currently beta-testing and will be unveiling this pioneering project soon.

We are asking you to kindly help us MATCH that $100,000! The funds will be put into the MBEI operating budget, particularly strengthening our financial assistance program.

We value your collaboration with us in our mission to help others and create a more sustainable, equitable, and ecologically harmonious world.

Together we grow!

Equity Statement

Our Core Values

+ Honoring and respecting the intrinsic dignity and worth of all persons

+ Awareness, education, insight, compassion, and trust

+ Building communities of belonging and growing circles of connection and kinship

+ Celebrating our cultural differences and human diversity

The Mind Body Ecology Institute is committed to pursuing a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

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