Millions from One

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Millions From One believe that one person can change the lives of millions. The support we receive from people such as yourself is changing the lives of people in places facing dire circumstances in places such as Burundi, Lebanon, Zambia, Nepal, Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia and throughout the United States. All donations received fund those we support; our staff and leadership are all volunteers. Thank you for your support.

Our efforts of implementing life changing solutions was prompted by seeing and hearing of heart breaking situations where people were walking miles to get the only available drinkable water only to discover that instead of changing their lives for the better is was leading to dysentery, cholera and death due to contamination. This prompted our organization to begin drilling water wells in Burundi, to date we have drilled over 130 wells. Now, you may say WOW .... but that is the beginning of the story ...... because our only paid staff work to educate, maintain, repair by replacing pumps, gaskets, sucker rods, pipe monthly.. Our ongoing efforts are to ensure that people who need clean water, have access to life changing clean water.

Additionally Millions From One, is involved in education projects throughout the world and the United States. We facilitate and conduct organization training, educational trainings for teachers and leaders on best practice teaching, managing, engaging and leadership strategies so they can lead with excellence.. It is powerful to see how being a Bucket Filler can transform a person's heart, life and future.

You support of Millions From One also allows us to financially support anti-human trafficking efforts as we partner with a group that intervenes, rescues and trains boys and girls that have trafficked in Nepal.

Ultimately, we seek to lift others up by Encouraging, Equipping & Empowering them, their organizations and their countries.

Our Needs

Ongoing financial support so that we can continue the work that we do .... this will help us cover the cost of water wells, maintenance of wells, distribution of water filters, cover the cost for materials and to travel into the areas for maintaining drilled wells along with the community project that are educational and nutritional outreach initiatives.


Millions from One works to create a network of sustainable solutions that meets the basic needs of life, builds community, promote education and provide hope to the hopeless all over the world.

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