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What is Mercy House?

At Mercy House, our home is a place of safety and peace where each woman can focus on her emotional and spiritual growth during this most important time. The goal of our program is to help each woman develop a godly lifestyle and create a positive and healthy environment for her baby’s future. This includes becoming a part of a local church, facilitating spiritual discipleship and providing training in the life skills necessary for successful and productive living.

Mercy House is a phase-based program that seeks to empower and equip single, pregnant women who are living without support and resources to navigate life successfully. 

Phase 1 - Endure: In this first phase, the women begin with discipleship and personal growth.  Here the women focus heavily on breaking the bondage of their past, developing healthy habits, growing in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ and creating a new mindset for their future. Our clients work through several curricula which focus on addiction recovery, life skills, prenatal classes, healthy relationships and more. 

Phase 2 - Hope: In this phase women have delivered their babies and are adjusting to life as a new mom. While curriculum is scaled back at this point, they are still learning how to set healthy boundaries in every area of life.  Less class work allows for the women to embrace their new life as a mom and to adapt to the changes that motherhood brings.

Phase 3 - Change: By now the women have undergone a tremendous transformation in every way. Now they are ready to shift their focus on advancing their education as they prepare to begin taking classes to obtain a certification, license or skill that will allow them to be self-sufficient upon graduation. They also participate in more curriculum that helps them learn money management skills.

Phase 4 - Life: Our final phase prepares the women for graduation and transitioning into living independently as they raise their child and maintaining a job.  At this point the staff works with the women to prepare and equip them for life after Mercy House.  This includes plans for employment, transportation and living arrangements.

We have seen the cycle of poverty broken and watched young women come into the fullness of who they are in Christ. Upon graduation women are transformed and relying upon God in every area, not reverting back to the coping skills they've relied upon prior to entering our program.

"Your mercy, oh Lord, will hold me up."  -Psalm 94:18


To provide single, pregnant women with a safe, nurturing home, pregnancy care, life skills training and Christian discipleship in order to establish a solid foundation for two lives.


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Equity Statement

Mercy House Equity Statement

At Mercy House, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves respect, dignity, and the opportunity to thrive. Our mission is to support single pregnant women by providing a safe haven and comprehensive care, and this mission is rooted in our unwavering commitment to equity.

**Our Values**

- **Respect**: We honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person we serve and work with.

- **Inclusivity**: We strive to create an environment where all voices are heard, valued, and empowered.

- **Equity**: We are dedicated to ensuring fair treatment, opportunities, and outcomes for all, particularly the women and children in our care.

**Our Goals**

- To provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for single pregnant women and their children.

- To eliminate systemic barriers that prevent full participation and success for our residents.

- To promote equity in all aspects of our operations, from our care programs to our community outreach.

**Our Actions**

- Implementing training programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion for all staff and volunteers.

- Reviewing and revising policies to ensure they promote equity and inclusivity.

- Establishing diverse hiring practices to increase representation within our organization.

- Providing holistic support that addresses the unique needs of each resident, including medical care, counseling, and educational programs.


We will regularly assess our progress through surveys, feedback from residents, staff, and volunteers, and performance metrics. Our leadership team will be accountable for ensuring that our equity commitments are met and will report on our progress annually.

**Commitment to Continuous Improvement**

We recognize that promoting equity is an ongoing journey. We are committed to continuously learning, growing, and improving our practices to create a more equitable organization for all. By embedding equity into the fabric of Mercy House, we aim to create a positive and inclusive environment that empowers all individuals to thrive.

Together, we save lives, transform futures, and impact generations to come. Thank you for supporting Mercy House and our commitment to equity.

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