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$25,000 Goal

Celebrating 25 Years of Healing Hearts and Renewing Hope

Join us as we reflect on our past and celebrate our present to ignite the path ahead. Donors, like you, have brought hope and healing to children, teens, and families who have experienced a death for the past quarter of a century. 

We need your support to continue and expand our program to reach even more families who are grieving the death of someone important to them.

No donation is too small. Every dollar counts when it comes to children and families who are grieving. 

Give the gift of hope today!

Why Support Us?

Journey of Hope provides a safe space for children and their families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Our support groups bring together children and adults who are facing similar challenges. We aid in every step of the journey of grief, and help process the weight of grief emotions and thoughts. Children may face more challenges than others, as they are still growing and learning who they are in this world. Experiencing childhood grief can be difficult, especially when they feel they are alone in their grief.

How Do We Help With A Child's Grief?

Grief looks different for everyone, and no two grief journeys are alike. Being around other kids in our support groups reassures them that they are not alone. Support groups are guided by specially trained adults who know the questions to ask and activities to lead to encourage children to express their emotions. Children typically take the lead and engage in conversations that provide comfort, healing, and hope both to themselves and their peers.

How Do We Help Adults?

Our services extend to the adult caregivers of their children, where they discuss the obstacles and challenges of navigating their own grief while caring for a grieving family. With a large population of Spanish speaking parents/guardians, we pursued the necessary resources to provide the same opportunity for hope and healing in their native language.

How Do We Heal Communities?

Sometimes functional community groups fall apart and struggle to process the death of a beloved member of their group. 

Our Community Bereavement Support program brings grief support to the comfort of their environment to offer tools that will aid in rebuilding their foundation, and discovering ways to continue their mission with a significant missing piece.

How Can We Spread Our Impact?

Professionals whose work revolves around caring for children, will inevitably experience a child who is grieving. Grief’s unique nature creates challenges for helping professionals whose professional training may not include the tools they need to provide comfort, hope, and healing. Our licensed mental health staff provide professional development and training, so they feel empowered to support children who are grieving.

Why Are We So Essential?

Childhood grief has a massive impact on children, youth, families, and cities. It is important to recognize such a large issue, and to implement solutions to solve it. In Texas, 1 in 14 children will experience the death of a sibling or parent by 18. This does not include the death of friends, extended family, and others. With your support and our services, we aim to put the hope in children's hearts one step at a time.


At Journey of Hope, we are on a mission to renew hope, foster healing, and develop resilience in the hearts of children grieving the death of a loved one.

Equity Statement

Journey of Hope values and respects all people and provides services to people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, faiths, and people who do not identify with any faith tradition. All staff, facilitators and other volunteers must show sensitivity to each participant’s identity, honor diversity, and never discriminate on the basis of a person’s identity. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our board, staff and volunteers, and work to ensure that we provide all of our services in a culturally competent manner.

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