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ImmSchools offers two program components focused on supporting immigrant students and families through workshops and educator leadership development. ImmSchools' workshops, held monthly in community centers or schools, offer a safe space for immigrant parents and students to engage in peer-led knowledge building conversations regarding their rights in immigration and the K-12 system, information on early childhood education programs, college access, family preparedness plans, bullying, workers rights and other relevant topics selected by parents and students. Through these workshops, we aim to strengthen the agency of our immigrant community while creating trust within our schools.
Our team has developed a comprehensive and effective leadership development curriculum as a result of understanding that educators are often the first adults students and families turn to for support about their immigration status. Through a district and school multi-year partnership, ImmSchools equips educators with knowledge about the rights of immigrant and undocumented families, strategies to implement immigrant-focused curriculum, and guidance on establishing trusting relationships with immigrant families. These measures impact educator's practices, mindsets, and approach, creating positive change that endures for the generations of students they will teach. Additionally, we advise and support school leaders to develop and implement district-wide inclusive and welcoming practices.


ImmSchools is an immigrant-led nonprofit organization that partners with educators and community leaders to ensure safe and inclusive schools for undocumented and mixed-status students and their families.

Equity Statement

As an immigrant-led organization whose work is rooted in immigrant justice and educational equity, we have a moral obligation to take action against all racist power structures and oppressive systems that dehumanize, traumatize, abuse, incarcerate, and kill our Black community and assert our commitment to the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Founded by three non-black Latinx women, we recognize that we have benefited from a system built on white supremacy and have been complicit to anti-blackness both personally and in our work at ImmSchools. Our team has a lot of work ahead to unlearn and decolonize ourselves while building anti-racist and inclusive organizational structures and practices rooted in the diversity of our immigrant communities.

We must acknowledge that for hundreds of years our Black community has experienced a painful history of racial violence and systemic oppression which is still present in our schools. Our schools have been policed and the school-to-prison pipeline along with school-to-deportation pipeline have disproportionately impacted our Black undocumented students and families. We are appalled by the fact that policing in our school exists and that our K-12 students are surrounded by more police officers than counselors, social workers and nurses. As an organization, we continue to support the efforts to defund the police and invest in programs that benefit our Black, Indigenous, Students of Color.

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