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Our Holistic Approach:

To end human trafficking in America, we must stop the demand. The #1 buyer of sex with a minor in the U.S. is a male who makes over $100,000 a year, is married, and has two children. Therefore, we must see that the root cause of sexual exploitation is the breakdown of the nuclear family. The impact of fatherlessness, pornography, and a hyper-sexualized culture is rapidly destroying the importance of family the way God intended.

29 Years on the Frontlines:

With 29 years of fighting trafficking, Jaco Booyens is the leading voice in America addressing the entire ecosystem that feeds human trafficking. Our team collaborates with 170+ anti-trafficking organizations nationwide, as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies. JBM is consistently tracking the evolution of this crime in real time. This intel allows us to conduct a global gap analysis to best advocate for the needs of the anti-trafficking community on all fronts (legislation, awareness, training our first responders and government officials). JBM sees early and is able to sound the alarm - warning the American public about what’s happening to their children.

Our Strategy to Save Lives:

While we do real-life rescues, JBM has proven that we can save more lives through early intervention. We are proactively intercepting minors before they meet up with potential predators. We do this by training parents, communities, legislators, and first responders to identify at-risk youth. The average cost of rescuing and placing one victim in a safe house is $5,000. A safe house spends on average $40,000 a year rehabilitating that survivor. Our ultimate mission is to save children before they need to be rescued. “If you can break a child, you can break a nation.” - Frederick Douglass


Human Trafficking STOPS WITH US.

JBM is an anti-trafficking organization led by the Holy Spirit to redeem the lives of children, victims, survivors, and those creating demand for sexual exploitation. We support real-life rescues and save children BEFORE they need to be rescued.


We have three pressing needs for this year's North Texas Giving Day:

1. Extend Our Emergency Response Services: We are actively supporting more than 17 trafficking victim cases and we receive new cases daily. We need your help to provide immediate support, shelter, and care for these survivors.

2. Grooming Prevention & Awareness: As impactful as rescuing a child is, we believe the most efficient way to combat trafficking is to prevent it. This year we've trained 50,000 people in person (including church bodies and staff) on how human trafficking happens in their community. Additionally, we trained Utah's Attorney General, Sean Reyes, and their Anti-Trafficking Task Force -- as well as multiple first responder agencies.

3. Legislation & Policy: We supported, introduced or passed legislation in 13 states that protect children from sexually explicit content in schools, public libraries, and institutions of higher education. New anti-trafficking legislation is currently in the works to be introduced nationwide.

Equity Statement

At Jaco Booyens Ministries we believe ending human trafficking does not include profiling, race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or class. We believe every life deserves to be redeemed.

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