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$15,000 Goal

Your gifts to Guardianship Services, Inc. protect aging Tarrant County residents and adults living with disabilities from abuse, neglect and exploitation.


Your gifts to Guardianship Services transformed Yolanda’s life, but the good you've done didn't end there.  

You’ve made a life-changing difference for her daughter, Latonya, too.  

More than 15 years ago, mother and daughter fled an abusive roommate and spent a night on the streets. That dark night under a highway overpass was a turning point in their lives.  

At a local shelter, they were introduced to Guardianship Services and began building a new life.

Guardianship Services protects aging and other vulnerable adults like Yolanda, who lives with disabilities, from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

One in 25 Tarrant County residents lives with a cognitive disability.

They need our help - and yours.


Frank was a gifted educator who slipped under dementia's spell, then fell prey to exploitation in his golden years. 

It's a heartbreaking example of how vulnerable we can be as we age. 

One in 10 Tarrant County seniors lives with dementia. Guardianship Services can protect these vulnerable adults, but we can’t do it alone.

We need you.

Give to Guardianship Services and make a life-changing difference for Tarrant County's most vulnerable adults. 

Together we:

  • Save lives, whether through guardianship, alternatives like Money Management services, or victim advocacy that helps a vulnerable adult escape fraud or financial exploitation. 
  • Protect more than $3 million in client income from fraud or financial exploitation annually. 
  • Safeguard taxpayer dollars by ensuring public benefits intended for older Americans, people with disabilities, and veterans are not lost to fraud or misuse.


The mission of Guardianship Services is to provide guardianship, supports, and services for at-risk adults in Tarrant County.

Our service to Tarrant County began in 1985 as a pilot program—Volunteer Guardians, the forerunner of GSI—serving adults age 60 and older.

In 1998, Volunteer Guardians became Guardianship Services, Inc., an independent agency serving all vulnerable adults age 18 and older.

Our Money Management program was created in 2000 to offer flexible alternatives to guardianship, and the Financial Exploitation Prevention Center was launched in 2016 to stem the rising tide of fraud and exploitation of vulnerable adults.


Guardianship Services relies on your gifts to protect at-risk adults from harm and loss.

Volunteers strengthen our services in roles ranging from birthday club supporters to friendly visitors.

To volunteer, contact our team at 817-921-0499, or e-mail at for more information.

Equity Statement

Guardianship Services' mission of providing guardianship and supports and services for at-risk adults in Tarrant County recognizes the equal rights of all individuals. Affirming the value of all human beings, we intentionally promote mutual respect, acceptance of others, and welcome our differences. We celebrate the traditions, heritage, and experiences of our staff, our clients, and the community at-large. Our culture of diversity and inclusion is not only our heritage, but also our future.

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