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In 2021, we rode completely bridleless from California to Kentucky with our two Arabian horses Gamilah and Hal, to promote what is possible with horses when you prioritize relationship and trust. During the trip, we stopped at 17 different non-profits, raised $50,000 for non-profits, and helped to rehome over 15 horses. 

In 2022, we selected 5 of the toughest rescue horses across the country from 501c3 nonprofit organizations, the ones who were the most misunderstood, or who had habits formed that were dangerous to others and themselves. We be took them in from January-May, and trained them using Liberty techniques only. All while, documenting their journey into their own healing and education using no ropes, or halters, to not only educate these horses, but to show how much we believe in Liberty being the way of the future. We showcased all the horses had learned in a final event May 15th, working them at liberty and riding them bridleless. After that, each horse that was ready was adopted out. The horses that were not ready to be adopted out remained with us for further training.

In 2023, after the conclusion of our rescue project in 2022, there were several horses that we felt needed to spend more time with us before being adopted out into their forever homes. This inspired us to create a new goal, showing that the toughest rescue horses in the world, could become some of the most advanced liberty horses in the world. In just 1 year.  In April we held an event that showcased how far the horses had come. They were ridden bridleless and worked in liberty teams of up to 4 horses! 

In 2024, we have several plans of how to spread liberty and help a larger number of horses and people. We are planning on going to several equine related non-profits to provide liberty education to staff and volunteers and a very low cost. We are planning on starting a youth program based around liberty horsemanship. This two initiatives will help us spread liberty to a broader audience, as a result, helping more horses and people. 

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To provide liberty horsemanship education to underprivileged youth and rescue horses.


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