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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

When our team first discussed the idea and concept of FETCH, before it ever had a name, we knew we were stepping into an endeavor extraordinarily close to each of our hearts. We all met through our dogs, and it was through our dogs and each other that we each began to heal and grow in areas of our lives we didn’t even realize needed patching up. We each came to the table with our own unique gifts and a passion for giving back. As we explored that passion, we realized we shared a common belief: if there is a need we can fill, it is our duty to fill it. 

We found that need very close to home. 

Domestic violence, abuse, and trauma do not just happen in movies and books or high-crime areas. For many, it is daily life. Victims of violence look just like you and I – often, existing just under the radar with no resources or means to escape because communicating what is happening could mean life or death. You pass them in the grocery store, sit next to them at the red light, and converse with them at events. They smile. They laugh. 

And they hide. Because options are limited. 

And if and when they are able to escape, their existence does not suddenly blossom into freedom.

They hide. Because options are limited. 

This is why FETCH was born.

We exist not just as an “option,” but as a resource, support team, and family to bring victims of violence into another dimension of life; one where existing isn’t about survival, but prospering, flourishing, and thriving in your own life with the assistance of a tool that knows nothing but unconditional love and your exact needs.

You. This is about you. With the help of a service dog exclusively and professionally trained for you and your needs, it is possible for you to no longer be identified as victim – but rather, as conqueror. 

Dogs do not live in the past – nor do they live in the future. They live in the right here, right now. Every moment of every day. 

Your past does not define your future.

But with the help of a dog, your future can rewrite your past. And the next chapters of your story will no longer be about the life from which you are hiding – but rather, the life you are now living, and writing on your own. Your new life. 

FETCH: Fostering Empowerment Through Canine Help. 

Our team – and your dog - is here to help. Through grants and our partner service dog trainers, we will help fund, find, and train the ideal service dog for you and your new life. This is not an overnight success story; it takes time, effort, energy, discipline, and grit; all qualities that already exist tenfold in victims of violence. We are here to help you utilize these gifts with the addition of a service dog, so that you may not only continue to live your life, but do so in such a way that allows you to live purposefully and on your terms. 

You are not alone. Your new life is ready for you. 

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To provide a highly trained psychiatric service dog to women who have endured physical or mental abuse so that they are no longer merely surviving but thriving, regaining or building an independent and fulfilling life. Our fundraising efforts will be used to provide and train these service dogs through our partnership with licensed service dog trainers as well as provide post-placement tools to facilitate a successful transition for the women we serve as they transition to life with a service dog.

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