Apartment Life

A nonprofit organization

Apartment Life's programs aim to transform communities through real, caring relationships, community events and activities that bring people together, and by calling others to a life of serving their neighbors.

We want to improve the quality of life in apartment communities, reduce loneliness and isolation among apartment residents, increase resident retention in apartment communities, and see vibrant, strong, stable, life-giving communities emerge.

We aim to follow Jesus' example of servant leadership and his commands to love God and love our neighbor.

Our Needs

The fundraising goal for the balance of the year is $250,000.


Apartment Life's mission is to radically transform lives in apartment communities. Visit apartmentlife.org for more details about our work.

Equity Statement

Our desire is to foster a one-of-a-kind culture of ONENESS & BELONGING for our minority and majority staff and coordinators, and by extension, those we serve. Oneness doesn't mean sameness. There is beauty in our diversity... ethnicity, culture, age, and gender. We believe that as we seek to honor each other by listening and acting out of love, we will continue to have a one-of-a-kind culture where everyone has a place. As a faith-based organization serving apartment residents, we are committed to Fair Housing guidelines to ensure that all residents are treated fairly, equally, and consistently. All of our employees are trained in Fair Housing guidelines.

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Apartment Life

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Community Improvement

Operating Budget

$10,000,000 or more


PO Box 650951
Dallas, TX 75265