All Wheels Up

A nonprofit organization

All Wheels Up was established in 2011 for the sole purpose of funding and conducting the valuable research needed to plan for a wheelchiar spot on all transport plane. Our mission includes commercial, private, medical flights, and humanitarian evacuation efforts.

Our Needs

All Wheels Up is raising funds to continue our research and studies on crash testing wheelchair tie-down systems and wheelchair for in-cabin use on transport planes for both commercial and private flight. We are also working with the University of Buffalo to build a scale plane for testing the speed and efficacy a wheelchair user can get tied down vs the transport chair and manual lift into an airplane seat. This study will be used in our budget impact model.


All Wheels Up is providing the research and data to support a wheelchiar spot on planes.

Equity Statement

Equity is essential for the All Wheels Up organization's purpose: To inspire, support, and provide problem-solving solutions within and across sectors to improve accessible air travel.

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All Wheels Up

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Less than $100,000


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