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Phase I: Education/Awareness $200k. Phase II: Build two 3D-CBS units $20 million to test efficacy on a sample population. (See

Phase I: The first objective is to Educate and create Awareness on how to reduce cancer deaths and costs, achievable using $200,000 funding for publications and by creating events to address the problem.

See Crosetto’s interactions with Nobel Laureates, top experts and also dominant scientists  last ten scientific articles at

Message summarized in nine languages on the first slide (followed with details in 14 slides).

Although the presentation has statements by religious people it is not religious as it addresses those of all faiths including atheists; it addresses the core of who we are as human beings who spend less than 100 years on this planet to share positive experiences with others rather than damaging others and the planet.

From Theory to Practice to save millions of lives and trillions of dollars.


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Phase II. The second objective is to raise $20 million to fund the development and construction of the first two prototypes of the 3D-CBS devices (3-D Complete Body Screening). Install one in the United States, and one in Europe.

Using 1% of the radiation currently used by the over 10,000 PET devices (Positron Emission Tomography) each 3D-CBS will examine over 10,000 people ages 55-74 each year taken from a location where the mortality rate has been constant for the past 20 years (e.g. 0.5%).

Because early cancer detection saves over 50% of lives and because the 3D-CBS is hundreds of times more efficient than current PET, results of the 3D-CBS examination are expected to save 33% of lives within 6 years from funding and 50% within 10 years.

Supporting analytical and scientific evidence is available in a 400-word abstract and 2-page summary at: detailed in a 271-page document available at describing the basic components of my inventions whose feasibility is supported by 59 quotes from reputable companies.

See 30 year of life dedication to science and the Interview with Crosetto at (Transcript at

 Visit the new website of to learn more about its mission and innovations.

  READ THE TESTIMONIALS     Crosetto's inventions and research work have been approved and supported with funding requests in dozens of letters from leading industry experts including a Nobel Prize Winner, Directors, Division Leaders, and Group Leaders of the most important research centers in the world (CERN, FERMILAB, Brookhaven National Laboratory, etc.), by emeritus professors of prestigious universities and hospitals, by the inventor of the pocket calculator who wrote three letters of support (one handwritten), and by the inventor of the first 400MHz microprocessor.  Twenty-two letters from these experts are available in their original version at       


Our Needs

Your donation will help:

  • Transparency in science: make the scientific truth for the benefit of humanity emerge and prevail.
  • Educate and create awareness about what has highest potential to reduce cancer deaths and costs.
  • Raise the funds to build the 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) device proven by measurements made by third parties to detect tumors with just 100 cancerous cells instead of 1 billion cells (1 cm3) with the potential to save 260 lives per year per machine, at $200/test, reducing by 80 times the cost per life saved. After testing on a sample population, 57,000 machines built in 30 years can save over 100 million lives and over $27 trillion in 30 years. 

Greatly reduce the risk for you, your children, grandchildren and future generations of dying prematurely from cancer with the 3D-CBS effective for early cancer detection.


Significantly Reduce Premature Cancer Deaths at a Lower Cost per Life Saved Compared to Current Cost (see

See Crosetto’s last ten scientific articles at

3D-CBS: measured results confirm Crosetto's calculations and simulations made 20 years ago that enables a safe, very early lifesaving cancer detection.

The 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) is targeted to significantly reduce cancer deaths and healthcare costs through a cost-effective early cancer detection.

Taking as reference experimental data confirmed by WHO (World Health Organization), NCI (National Cancer Institute) and ACS (American Cancer Society) as well as many universities that cancer has a survival rate of up to 98% when detected at an early stage, and assuming a conservative figure for the 3D-CBS to offer a success rate above 58%, then each 3D-CBS device is expected to save over 260 lives each year, according to the calculations described below.

Assuming the typical death rate in the age group 55 to 74 for the past 20 years of 0.5%, then of 90,000 individuals, 450 are expected to die.

If we apply the conservative factor 58% survival rate due to early detection by screening 90,000 people/year with the 3D-CBS device combined with existing successful treatment, each year the 3D-CBS device could save over 260 lives (450 x 58% = 261).

The data in the table reported at is useful for a comparison with the current estimate by WHO, NCI and ACS, that cancer deaths will double in the next 20 years.

Instead, during the next 30 years with the 3D-CBS, over 100 million lives and over $27 Trillion would be saved (

The cost per life saved will drop from the current $10 million cost per life saved to $134,508 using the 3D-CBS.

My basic 3D-Flow invention which breaks the speed barrier in real time applications was recognized valuable by academia, industries and research centers in an official, formal, international public scientific review held at FERMILAB and published in a prestigious peer-review scientific journal (

In the year 2000, I invented the 3D-CBS (3-D Complete Body Screening) that creates a paradigm change in Biomedical Imaging.

I deposited the blueprint design ( in the U.S. Library of Congress (DC 00-191510).

In 2011, it won the Leonardo da Vinci Prize for the most efficient solution for early cancer diagnosis, held at the University of Pavia, Italy, and was proven functional in hardware circuits


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