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PO BOX 994
Commerce, TX 75429
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As the only children's museum in northeast Texas, the Northeast Texas Children's Museum strives to reach children from all over the area. Our exhibits provide entertainment and inspiration to our visitors and encourage creativity through dress-up and imitation. We had approximately 30,000 visitors from over 70 communities in 2017.

The Museum currently has three educational programs: Healthy Kids from A to Z, a preschool program that encourages a healthy lifestyle by introducing a letter of the alphabet through activities and crafts; Dino Math, a third-grade math program that makes math fun with hands-on lessons teachers can reference throughout the year; and Weird Science, a fifth-grade science program that gives students experience with science equipment, building on concepts from the classroom.

The Children's Museum also provides field trips to pre-k through third grade classes in which students receive short science-based lessons and time to play throughout the Museum. During the 2017-18 school year, the Children's Museum had a total of 93 field trips and 5,330 students come through its doors.

The MEGA Lungs program is offered from the Children's Museum as an outreach program to fourth-graders throughout the area. During the 2017-18 school year, over 1,000 students walked through our nine-foot inflatable lungs, learning about the lungs' structure and diseases like lung cancer, asthma, and bronchitis.

The Museum also hosts six community events including Brunch with Santa, the Daddy-Daughter Dance, and Children's Health and Safety Fair, along with two fundraisers that bring the community together to support the Children's Museum. We also offer birthday party on Saturdays and Sundays, a popular attraction for local families.
"Wonderful learning experience for children of all ages! Great environment and very helpful staff." -Madison McCradic

"Great fun for the kids in a wonderful safe imagination inspiring environment." -Boyd Hale

"Kids of all ages will love this museum! I would have been in heaven at a place like this when I was a child! Replica court room, farm items, vet clinic, bubble room, miniature train to ride on, dress up area with stage, grocery store, and on and on! Amazing place!" -Sara L.

"We have visited several very well-equipped children's museums in large metropolitan areas that do not hold a candle to this small-town-but-first-rate children's museum. There are many fun and educational organized programs sprinkled throughout the year that are child-centered yet highly engaging for the supervising adults as well. When there are not ongoing special seasonal programs, the museum is a large open space of highly intriguing developmental learning centers which double as just-for-play centers depending on the child's age and imagination." -William H

"Fantastic for young children. Lots of SENSORY activities, as well as STEM activities for everyone. It is just the right size...large enough for the kids to roam and explore, but not so large that parents feel stressed about loosing sight of their little ones. There is a fenced outdoor play area as well, lots of room for fun and physical activity...Great place for learning, stimulation, and fun." -Brandie Yee