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Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries
by jackie holland
For over 32 years we have been helping hurting people by showing love and offering hope. Being a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, a arm to lean on and a helping hand. Providing ongoing Chaplaincy services in jails and prisons and providing free inspirational books to offenders. We offer some food and clothing services and provide free spiritual counsel to any person who asks regardless of status cultures or race. Please help me get more of my latest books Dumpsters And Diamonds printed as well as other teaching material. Our services are free. Together we can reach reach old and young rich or poor whoever asks for help. All books deal with suicide, addictions, self help and recovery. They are faith based and the incarcerated inmates express their thanks for having their own copies. With your help we can real countless people and make a huge difference in their life.
Goal: $5,000.00
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Help #BlazeAPath for Green Team Youth
by Megan Davis
I have worked at Groundwork Dallas for two years now and it has been a truly inspiring experience. We provide environmental education, job training, and recreational skills development to urban youth here in Dallas. Many of these young people have not spent significant amounts of time outdoors before getting involved in our Green Team. We are raising funds to take youth on two conservation trips to Big Bend Ranch State Park next year. Youth will work on conservation projects at the park, camp out under the stars, and try activities like rappelling and backpacking. The teens in our program come back from these experiences excited to get involved in environmental work here at home. Please support this work by donating to my fundraising page. I will PERSONALLY match up to the first $250 I raise!
Goal: $250.00
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BL English Department Challenge
by Paul DiBiase
Rose Persinger and our English department educators are real "prose" at preparing our students for college! They have taken $5000 of donations made and offered it as a match challenge. Their challenge for you is to match their generosity and say THANK YOU to all of the dedicated teachers who shepherded you through the maze of proper grammar, great literature, SAT prep and passed on the love of reading.
Goal: $5,000.00
152% Funded

BL Math Department
by Paul DiBiase
Paul Gardner and our math department have no "equal" when it comes to dispensing the gift that is math. The ARITHMETIC of their challenge is simple: 5000+X=10,000. Your job is to identify X and make it happen!
Their challenge for you is to match their generosity and say THANK YOU to all of the dedicated math teachers who have spent countless hours passing down the knowledge and power of numbers.
Goal: $5,000.00
116% Funded

BL Social Studies Department
by Paul DiBiase
Edmund Jones and our Social Studies Department have a "history" of success. Navigating the "geography" of imparting the wisdom of the past is not always easy but the rewards of accomplishment are great.
Their challenge for you is to match their generosity and say THANK YOU to all of the dedicated teachers who shared the stories of the past and laid out the lessons learned so you can make the best decisions for today.
Goal: $5,000.00
153% Funded

BL Theology Department
by Paul DiBiase
Matthew Duncan and our Theology department have been a blessing to our students for years. Giving the path to grace for our students is not always easy, but the outcomes are a great reward. Their challenge for you is to match their generosity and help us come together as one. Psalm 133:1

Goal: $5,000.00
108% Funded

BL Science Department
by Paul DiBiase
Pam Price needs you to help become an "alloy" to our Science Department! They have "bonded" together $5000 of donations to offer as a match challenge. They are conducting an experiment to see if you can match their generosity and say THANK YOU to all of the dedicated teachers who have helped you navigate the cell, understand the periodic table, and make hypothetical guesses for the future.
Goal: $5,000.00
110% Funded

BL Fine & Performing Arts
by Paul DiBiase
Andrew Balettie and the arts "band" together to say, it's time to break a leg with the Arts Department! They have sculpted a $5000 gift to offer as a match challenge. Their challenge for you is to match their generosity and say THANK YOU to all of the dedicated teachers who have shown you how to express yourself. Without them our school would "b flat"!
Goal: $5,000.00
149% Funded

BL Foreign Language Department
by Paul DiBiase
Anna Osborne will not let it get lost in translation- our Foreign Language Department is the best! No fluency is needed to see if you can match their $5000 gift. Their challenge for you is to match their generosity with the hope it "translates" into you making a gift today. Let's say THANK YOU to all the devoted teachers who have prepared our students not just for college but for their world travels. Gracias, danke, merci, gratis tibi ago!
Goal: $5,000.00
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by Jonathan Ogilvie
The Big Ask by Jonathan Ogilvie
The average wait time in the U.S. for a kidney transplant is a minimum of 3 years and 7 months and an average of 5 years. Life expectancy for a person on kidney dialysis is 5 years. The need for advancement of kidney disease treatment and the need for increased donor awareness and participation is absolutely critical! Your donation to Kidney Kudos will add to the available resources of the National Kidney Foundation which is focused on both of these important agendas. As a living kidney donor this cause is near and dear to my heart and my one remaining kidney. Your participation and donations are greatly appreciated! Please donate to Kidney Kudos!! Thank you.
Goal: $8,000.00
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Taste with Julie
by Julie Williams
I am super passionate about this place, and not just because my husband is the chef. God gave Jeff a vision for this incredible place; but the Lord also has a purpose for me.

I had always felt out of place in every job I've had; but this one is different. Every day I walk through the doors at Taste and God reminds me that I'm the one He's been looking for. And if the Lord does that for me, I know He is doing it for so many others that walk through the doors at Taste Community Restaurant.

Will you join me in making people feel loved and wanted at Taste Community Restaurant? It may sound as simple as a meal, but it's so much more.
Goal: $250.00
100% Funded

Taste with Tim
by Timothy Watts
I have been proud of being a part of this wonderful mission and ministry for many years. I look back to the year we started demolition on our building; how we were creating a blank canvas that we hoped we could use to paint a picture that inspires hope, love, and peace to the food insecure of Tarrant County. A warm place to enjoy community and a wonderful meal, without any condemnation or judgement. Now I look at Taste Community Restaurant and am in awe how God has used a vision from my friend Jeff to bless so many in the community!
However, the painting is not finished, and we still need your support. Will you join me in making people feel loved and wanted at Taste Community Restaurant? It may sound as simple as a meal, but it's so much more. God bless!
Goal: $250.00
101% Funded

Taste with Judith
by Judith Aboufares
A menu with no prices!!!! Wait! Can't be! Taste is a project my sister and brother in law have put together so that everyone can "taste and see that the Lord is good." It's simple, come, sit, order, eat and pay what you can. For some that means nothing, for some it's what they normally pay and for others it's a bit extra. The good news is it all pans out and everyone eats, no one knows who's in need and who is supporting a neighbor.
Goal: $250.00
29% Funded

Taste with Liz
by Elizabeth McCarthy
18 months ago, I was encouraged to visit a new restaurant in Fort Worth called Taste Community Restaurant. I met my friend Cindy there and what happened next quite literally changed my life.

Taste Project is a "pay-as-you-are-able" restaurant. This means that if you are unable to pay anything, you are welcome to come in and eat. It means that if you have a small amount you can contribute, you are welcome to come in and eat. It means if you are able to pay a comparable amount to other local eateries, you are welcome to come in and eat. It also means, if you are able to pay the comparable amount, plus a little more, you are welcome to come in and eat.

Everyone is welcome.

Every. Single. Solitary. Person.

Every color. Every age. Every outfit. Every language. Every bank account.

It must be an incredible dance to make this type of restaurant work. And what a challenging word to define - working - in these terms.

It is necessary to locate yourself in such a place that people who are able to "pay-a-little-more" are willing to show up. You then also have to be in a place where people who are unable to pay, can arrive via walking. That is a fascinating intersection.

Next, it must be clean. And by clean I mean spotless. Pardon my stereotyping, but it is not a stretch to think that the average person likely wonders … "is it full of dirty people?" No. No, it is not full of dirty people. And in fact, it is by far the cleanest restaurant where I have eaten in some time.

But what kind of food is it? Is it cheap? Is it a deli? Why, no. The food is actually impressive. Great detail is taken in the presentation. There is no rush to eat. All who enter are paid attention to. All who enter receive the same level of service. The food in this restaurant rivals, and in all honesty, actively exceeds others within its neighborhood elite.

So, what is the catch? This is where the life changing part started.

I had lunch there with Cindy, and left uncomfortable. In my life, I strive to feed. Hours upon hours are spent planning, buying, prepping, cooking, serving. I left with a pebble in my shoe about how I might possibly fit into this puzzle. I even filled out the form and was thrilled to see my children were welcome to serve as well.

A week passed, and I met my buddy Alonso there, who is the ED of our non-profit, Leg Up. Again, I left uncomfortable. There is more you can contribute, Elizabeth, get busy.

And then, a few days later Cindy sent me a text … "Taste needs volunteers desperately this week if you can fit it in …"

If I can fit it in.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good. How blessed is the one who takes shelter in Him!" Psalm 34:8

So we fit it in. My 11 and 14-year-old showed up ready to work and experienced the most incredible feeling of giving any of us has ever felt. We greeted, we made drinks, we served drinks, we served food, we bussed tables, we wrapped silverware. But the thing that was the most incredible was the greeting.

"What's the catch?" came the inquiry at the door.

"There's no catch" I would reply.

"There must be a catch."

"You are welcome here. This restaurant is run as a pay-as-you-are-able. Where there is abundance, we will share. We welcome you to taste and see that the Lord is good …"

Utter and complete silence and staring.

"Please come in, and let our hostess seat you."

What followed for the lovely, elderly, down on their luck couple was nothing short of miraculous. A long, leisurely, safe, nutritious meal. Servers who volunteered their time to serve others. Dishwashers who gladly washed a thousand dishes to help it all run like clockwork. A series of chefs who care deeply for the Lord and for their calling to feed. As they left, some time later, there were not enough words to express the depth of their gratitude.

Incredible. In every possible way.

Will you join me in making people feel loved and wanted at Taste Community Restaurant? It may sound as simple as a meal, but it's so much more.
Goal: $500.00
5% Funded

Celebrate with Taste
by Susan Dodson
When I first visited Taste with my sisters, I had no idea what I was walking into. Honestly, I thought we would be eating "soup kitchen" food with a purpose. Little did I know, the fabulousness of Taste Community! I could immediately tell that every person who walked through the door was served an amazingly tasty meal with love, dignity, and respect whether they could pay for their meal or not. As I began to serve there, I saw the evidence of God's Grace as I witnessed a community come together to empower, equip and care for each other.

I haven't been able to serve at Taste lately, but I continue to support them in any way possible. And because I share my birthday with NTGD I'd be honored if you'd help me celebrate by giving a little to Taste today. If you aren't able to give, please make it a point to visit them and Taste and See for yourself! You will not be disappointed.
Goal: $500.00
9% Funded