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Help Older Adults THRIVE!
by Karen Ostrander
I serve on the board of Sixty & Better to honor the memory of my mom and dad. They're both gone now and I miss them dearly, but I can picture mom in the middle of the action at one of our activity centers making new friends and having a ball! Since we have a great transportation program Mom could've even had a ride to the center!

Sixty & Better has 24 neighborhood activity centers all around Tarrant County where older adults can have fun, be well and stay connected. Our Young at heart participants range in age from 60 to over 100 years old! We work hard to keep older individuals outside their homes and within the community with wellness classes, special events and volunteer opportunities. I've seen firsthand the fun and joy we foster at our Centers and Dances! I learned some valuable safety tips at our Healthy Aging Symposium.
Please join me in supporting Sixty & Better and all that we do to help Older Adults THRIVE ! And thanks in advance.
Goal: $300.00
11% Funded

Crowley Texas Senior Center
by Ruby Harse
The Crowley Texas Senior Center works with Sixty and Better to help older adults in Tarrant County THRIVE!

Your support will help fund many of the programs our Activity Center participants enjoy including:
• Nutritious lunches
• Activities like table games, Bingo, and sing-alongs
• Health and wellness classes that teach us how to prevent and manage falls, self-manage chronic conditions, and age with grace and dignity
• Special trips and more!

Every donation helps. Even if everyone can contribute just $5.00-$10.00 it can make a difference!
Goal: $200.00
16% Funded

Support 60 & Better!
by Nick Wanzor
I have worked with Sixty & Better as a board member and volunteer for the past 3 years to help older adults in Tarrant County THRIVE!

Your support will help fund many of the programs our Activity Center participants enjoy including:
• Nutritious lunches
• Activities like table games, Bingo, and sing-alongs
• Health and wellness classes that teach us how to prevent and manage falls, self-manage chronic conditions, and age with grace and dignity
• Special trips and more!

Every donation helps. Please help us make a difference in our community!
Goal: $500.00
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Support River Legacy
by Kristi Payne
Help me provide a "first walk in the woods" for so many children by supporting River Legacy Foundation on North Texas Giving Day. So many children and families, for that matter, don't have the time or capability to get out and enjoy nature in this concrete jungle that we live in. River Legacy Living Science Center provides a safe and authentic place for children and families to explore nature and the surrounding woodlands in River Legacy Park. Scientific studies have proven time and time again that spending time in nature helps alleviate stress and so many other health issues including obesity. Your gift of any amount can help the Foundation sustain their environmental education programs and exhibits at River Legacy Living Science Center as well as preserve the natural woodlands for safe exploration and discovery, allowing the next generation of environmental stewards and leaders to bloom!
Goal: $500.00
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The Science in Nature
by Robert Dawson
A visit or enrollment at the Science Center is a truly fascinating and captivating experience. With the park surroundings and the well-equipped and staffed facility, children and adults learn an appreciation and understanding for nature in a way that makes them want to know and experience more. Like how does a maggot turn into a housefly?
Goal: $5,000.00
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Support River Legacy Foundation
by Becky Nussbaum Gerro
I love River Legacy Foundation! Everyone and everything is connected through NATURE. From a pillbug (AKA: doodlebug) to you and me, we all are a part of nature. We get to chose to make a positive impact on the ecosystem. Let's reduce, reuse, recycle and support River Legacy. Please support River Legacy's environmental education programs. #WhyIGive #RiverLegacy
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world" John Muir
Goal: $1,000.00
55% Funded

Fight Poverty, Addiction, and Homelessness in North Texas
by Lisa Kupfer
I'm FUNdraising for The Salvation Army of North Texas as I am a proud employee and privileged to see firsthand the amazing work that is done by the Army throughout our community. There are too many of our neighbors who struggle silently with poverty, addiction, and homelessness. The Salvation Army fights for them, providing shelter, case management, counseling, education, and other supportive services to help people achieve and maintain self sufficiency and live a life with hope. I've been privileged to support The Salvation Army as either a volunteer or employee for the past six years -- please consider supporting my FUNdraiser!
Goal: $5,000.00
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Echelon for The Salvation Army
Echelon is the emerging professionals arm of The Salvation Army. Our community of 500+ active members is serious about having fun while "Doing the Most Good" to address some of today's most pressing issues within our local communities.

Echelon members participate in a variety of networking, volunteer, and fundraising activities. Fundraising and volunteer activities directly support Salvation Army services within a chapter's local community.

Echelon seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for young adults to engage with the organization through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering.
Goal: $1,500.00
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North Texas Giving Day -- Adam Beathard's Page
by Adam Beathard
I am happy to support The Salvation Army of North Texas again this year through North Texas Giving Day on September 19th, 2019. Every year I ask for your support to help the organization that I believe does so much good for the North Texas community. The Salvation Army provides over 70+ programs and services in over 21 service centers for the homeless, impoverished, youth, elders, veterans, domestic abuse survivors, and drug recovering individuals. I choose The Salvation Army because I know $0.83 cents of every dollar goes to help this portfolio of aid for those in the most need. Please consider a donation of at least $5 through my page to help feed, clothe, and shelter our brothers and sisters of this community. If every one of my friends from Facebook donated $5, we together would raise an amazing total of $4,920. To put it in better perspective for you, this amount could support 25 children in after school care for a month, provide 40 families with a month of utility assistance, or provide 1,000 bags of groceries for hungry families. So many ways we can help the community with just a simple click. Friends, will you help me lift our neighbors out of poverty? Early giving starts on September 9th, and you can also donate on the big day until midnight of 9/19/2019. Thank you so much for helping others to live the best life possible. Thank you for Doing the Most Good!
Goal: $4,920.00
5% Funded

Libby's NTGD Page
by Elizabeth Camp
The Salvation Army works year round to serve the most vulnerable citizens of North Texas. Your gift will help lift them out of homelessness, poverty and addiction. The Salvation Army provides a wide range of programs across 5 counties to help thousands each year. A gift of any amount will make a difference.
Goal: $250.00
84% Funded

Susan's Giving Page!
by Susan Smith
Need knows no season, and the need has never been greater! Please support The Salvation Army of North Texas as we work daily to change lives!
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

Cindy QG's Fundraising Page
by Cindy Quandt-Guerra
Dana: "When I was 12 or 13, I started drinking. Throughout the years I went in and out of detox…over 32 times. To come down off of cocaine, I'd drink a fifth of liquor to 'get normal.' Who in their right mind does that? I finally tried The Salvation Army. For me, God was what I needed in my life. Because I could never have any forgiveness, there was never really any joy, there wasn't that peace, you know, never in my life. Money can't buy it, nothing can buy it, and that's what was unique about the program. With God, I never had to look back. I could always look forward. Today, I'm three years clean and sober. I found role models at The Salvation Army that I can mirror myself off of. The Salvation Army deals with the hardball guys. It takes special people to deal with people like me. The Salvation Army saved my life."

Rodney: "Alcohol turned me into everything I always to be. I overcame my shyness. I became confident. I felt wonderful. At 15, that first drink started 25 years of a lifestyle of alcohol and drugs. It was like my secret. I could always control my feelings with drugs and alcohol. I tried two different rehab centers, one 21 days long and the other 28 days long. So, in 25 years, the longest I have ever stayed sober was for 28 days. What kind of price can you put on hope? The Salvation Army gave me a way out when I thought there was none. I don't worry about material things anymore. The real blessings in life is when my daughter says to me that she's not afraid of me anymore. The ministry of The Salvation Army is so important to me. Because it's nothing someone told me about…it's something I myself have experienced in my life."

Alyce: I found refuge at The Salvation Army as a young person. The people saw something in me. They worked with me, and they knew without their guidance I would fall. I felt safe there. I felt loved there. The Salvation Army is so much more than a thrift store. It's an organization that changes people's lives in ways that they could never imagine. How could I come from a little kid with no hope really, no dreams, no aspirations to become someone who wants to be an MD, PhD? Sometimes it's really shocking to me. My life is really extraordinary. And, it's all because of The Salvation Army."
Goal: $1,000.00
41% Funded

Love Does
by Tina Trejo
'Love one another as I have loved you.' John 13:34 Very simple statement with infinite possibilities. Love can go further when we work together.
Goal: $150.00
27% Funded

Doing the Most Good
by Elizabeth Andrus
Join me in not only giving of your time to The Salvation Army but also of your resources. Evangeline Booth said, "there is no reward equal to doing the most good to the most people in the most need." Please give generously so that together we can meet the most need. Thank you!
Goal: $2,000.00
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A little, by many, can go a long way.
by Gwen Crain
#WhyIGive on North Texas Giving Day is a story that started about six years ago. My daughter in law is a school teacher and there were children in her class that came from families that were struggling. One year for Spring Break I made up boxes of food for these children to take home so there would be food available during that time. The next year for Thanksgiving, I made up boxes that included everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal. I had realized that I had a strong desire to help feed hungry families. I saw a story on a local news channel about Feed Lake Highlands and all the wonderful work they do distributing food to people in need, providing after school programs for children, as well as sending kids to camp each summer. I was thrilled to find an organization that I could support and be involved in through volunteering. I volunteer twelve hours a month registering new Program Members as well as checking in enrolled Members. We are currently averaging between 20 and 24 new families each month. We are so busy that we now have a wait list of about fifty families. The need is great. It takes money as well as people, to provide the food and programs that Feed Lake Highlands provides.

Please join me in supporting Feed Lake Highlands #NTGivingDay.

Goal: $750.00
28% Funded