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The Spirit of Dallas
by Leah Block
The CAF offers students an opportunity to engage with flight in a very special way. Whether its in the cockpit of an old aircraft, visiting with a veteran or experiencing the sights and sounds of vintage aircraft in flight. Your support helps more students have a chance to get their hands on history and learn from the courage and ingenuity of generations past.
Goal: $200.00
79% Funded

Meacham CAF
by Christopher Wilson
The Commemorative Air Force is responsible for keeping priceless warbirds flying and educating the public about the sacrifices made by our airmen in World War II. Please join me in supporting this awesome organization!
Goal: $3,500.00
0% Funded

Education Flight
by Dulari Mehta
Hello Friends and Family!
This year for North Texas Giving Day, I am asking you to join me in being a catalyst to give educational opportunities a chance to take flight and reach kids of all ages!
Please take a minute to give, any amount, to EDUCATION with the Commemorative Air Force!

WHY should you CARE?
You know my passion for education being the gamer changer! A donation NOW, honors the past and inspires the future of our children! And it is on all of us to ensure access and opportunity for all of our kids to have the best future possible! CAF Education does this!

What CHANGE will YOU create?
By giving, you create opportunities for our kids to have a chance to access the aviation field and to learn 21st century skills, like communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and citizenship that will guide them to establish a successful flight plan for their future.

HOW will this change happen?
Through exploratory PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS, created by CAF Education Staff, kids, of all ages, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds, will have access to WWII era war birds and innovative technology paired with STEM centered opportunities to grow their skills. These unique opportunities provide a hands on, relatable, learning experience that inspires them to look deeper into aviation careers, educates them on aviation and history's impact in their life, and shows them how to honor the values and sacrifices of the Greatest Generation in their own life and choices.
Goal: $300.00
78% Funded

Next Generation Action Network Excel
by Amy Smith
The Next Generation Action Network Excel is a non-profit organization that mainly focuses on the youth in impoverished communities. Giving to this organization will not only help the youth in these areas but it will also assist with building programs for the youth in their communities.
Goal: $3,000.00
0% Funded

Transforming Lives with Grace Like Rain
by Michelle Conner
Grace Like Rain represents so many things to me. Watching the community around me step in to love and support families that are struggling is inspiring. Seeing families' lives transformed through the people who step out of their comfort zone to love others the way that God loves us is what drives me. The stability that community and affordable housing can provide for a family that is struggling is life changing. Please help our family raise $1,000 this September 19th for North Texas Giving Day!!!!
Goal: $1,000.00
26% Funded

Families who need your help
by Felicia Smith
Grace Like Rain is a organization that helps families with housing, immediate shelter, resources, case management and building relationships. Please help support these families find self-sufficiency.
Goal: $300.00
0% Funded

Give back to Grace Like Rain!
by Katelyn Billings
Grace Like Rain is an organization that helps families with housing, immediate shelter, resources, case management and building relationships. Please help support these families find stability!
Goal: $300.00
0% Funded

Support families in need
by Elizabeth Martin
Help us support the ministry of Grace Like Rain and families in need!
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

Creating Community
by Meaghan Blevans
Grace Like Rain is an organization that helps families with housing, immediate shelter, resources, case management and building relationships. By creating a community around our families we support them while they reach their goals and get back on their feet. Please help us support these families find stability!
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

World Relief Fort Worth
by Russell Chun
Every 1st Saturday of the month I get to PLAY with kids. Kids from Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, The Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, We play minute to win it games, sing songs, and have SNACKS! We also get to know that we are wonderfully made by God. Refugee children have never been told they are special, unique and loved...my church and school are committed to changing that with soccer teams, youth mentorship, citizenship and English as a Second Language classes. I am a small part of the World Relief effort to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable. Join me?
Goal: $5,000.00
2% Funded

Giving Back
by Ashley Edling
I've been an AmeriCorps VISTA at Network of Community Ministries for 4 months now and have loved every minute of it! I want to take this opportunity to show support to the family that has shown me nothing but positivity and love. Network is more than a human services non-profit, it is an organization that puts its heart and soul into every person who walks through our doors. People come to Network not for a get in-get out process. Everyone has the opportunity to feel heard, get support, and change their lives.

Please help me give back to the organization that gives to me every day!
Goal: $200.00
0% Funded

Good Jobs Change Lives!
by Catherine Hollis
Did you know that 37% of the people who live in Tarrant County don't make a living wage? That means they're working -- sometimes two and three jobs -- but still not making enough money to cover the basic necessities like housing, food, and transportation.
Mission Central's two food pantries help bridge the gap for those who don't make enough to make ends meet. Families won't go hungry when an unexpected bill comes up. But, we're also helping move people make a better future for their families. Through our after-school tutoring program, we're helping ensure that students are prepared for living-wage jobs when they graduate from high school. We're also launching our new Career Center to help the unemployed and underemployed get the tools they need to find better work.
Goal: $1,000.00
31% Funded

Love MissionCentral
by Sharon Bardwell
I have volunteered and donated to this charity for several years. I love they way they love on the people of Northeast Tarrant County, specifically HEB! Can you help me help them? This is my first FUNdraiser page so I'm setting a modest goal...$200...If 20 of my friends/co-workers/acquaintance donate just $10 a piece, the goal will be met! Or 10 donate $20! or just 5 donate just $40! --- I will match what I raise through this page up to my goal amount .... maybe more :-) Let's see how you do!
Goal: $200.00
249% Funded

Let's get to work!
by Treasure Ford
As you all know, this organization is near and dear to my heart. I was a volunteer before I was offered a job here. Mission Central serves the community where I grew up and where I still live. There is no better place to start giving back than in your own backyard. We have a food pantry that serves over 400 working families a month, we have an after school tutoring program that helps prepare 41 students to be college or work ready when they graduate, and we are working on a career center that would help people break the cycle of poverty by helping them get better jobs. Please consider giving so that we can continue to dream big and serve this amazing community.
Goal: $1,000.00
21% Funded

Mike's Mission Central Page
by Mike Wright
I volunteered at the Mission Central Food Pantry and now work at the Mission Central Thrift Store. I support their CORE values, Compassion, Open-mindedness, Respect and Empowerment. I hope you'll help me support their mission.

Goal: $1,000.00
56% Funded