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Momentum Dance Company
Momentum Dance Company's mission is to become recognized as one of the leading metroplex dance companies. In realizing this mission, the organization's goal is to offer classical ballet programs and performances to encourage and facilitate participation in a community that has traditionally been a solid supporter of the performing arts. The organization strives to provide quality dance and choreography through utilizing the creative talent of Jacquelyn Ralls Forcher and by working with the best dance talent available. Since its creation, Momentum has provided local dancers the opportunity to showcase their abilities while also further developing their skills through training and performance experience.

Frontline Crisis Response Solutions
Our Mission is to be a trusted community partner that provides hope and healing to the people of our community in times of crisis, contributing to a safe, healthy and happy community life

Sunnyvale Education Foundation
The mission of Sunnyvale ISD Education Foundation is to obtain and provide resources to the Sunnyvale Independent School District to enrich, maintain and expand creative programs needed to meet the District's stated mission of excellence in education. The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals: 1. Encourage all students to work to their highest potential 2. Inspire parents and community to support the school district in enriching education 3. Support and recognize innovative and exemplary teaching 4. Build community awareness and confidence in the Sunnyvale ISD Education Foundation

Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership
The mission of A.E.Y.L. is dedicated to the development of diverse youth; within low-to-moderate geographic areas through personal guidance, academic triumph and community service: to cultivate the perspective of life and the importance of a stable community.

Chris Howell Foundation
The Chris Howell Foundation provides programs and services to vulnerable communities that address disparities in health, wellness, and financial literacy. CHF's programs and services empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency through skills development, increased knowledge, and access to necessary resources.

Trinity GAP Rescue
Trinity GAP Rescue (TGR) evolved to support The Trinity GAP Club (Girls Awareness Program), founded in 2003, as a girls club at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. TGC and TGR work with volunteers and sponsors from the local community to sponsor the Euless Animal Shelter. Our mission statement is to educate teens on the importance of community service, and to be responsible pet owners. Since we have been sponsoring the shelter, the euthanasia rate has dropped by 80%.

North Dallas Adventist Academy
North Dallas Adventist Academy (NDAA) is a Christian learning community, dedicated to making world class education available at an attainable price. With a spirit of inclusion, our open enrollment welcomes a culturally diverse population from all faiths.

DFW Beagle Buddies
We rescue unwanted, neglected, abused, or homeless Beagles and provide them with medical, physical, emotional, and behavioral support so that they can be adopted into loving, permanent homes.

TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND entertains, educates, and inspires by curating and commissioning extraordinary dance and performance art from around the world.

Spread the Vote Inc
Spread The Vote aims to close the gap between registered voters and voter turnout by educating and empowering voters. One of the most common barriers for disenfranchised voters is living in a state with restrictive voter ID laws. Over 21 million Americans lack the ID they need to live full lives. At Project ID, we help members of our communities obtain the IDs they need for jobs, housing, health care, and, most importantly, identity. We help voters get the IDs that they need to get to the polls and provide practical, non-partisan voter education.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Warriors
To benefit the patients, caregivers, families and friends affected by pulmonary fibrosis and help them to live their best physical, mental, and emotional life in spite of dealing with the disease. Our goal is to serve our member community with the knowledge, resources, and tools for living with pulmonary fibrosis or any interstitial lung disease. We empower patients.

Carrell Clinic Foundation
The Carrell Clinic Foundation (CCF) is a Texas public charity that is an IRS approved tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. It was founded in 2017 by the surgeon partners of the Carrell Clinic in Dallas, Texas. It is a completely independent foundation that is run by its own board of directors and in no way directly benefits its founders. It exclusively supports its missions, which include funding for research, education, charitable care and patient advocacy in the field of musculoskeletal medicine.

Little Dog Rescue of North Texas, Inc.
Our mission is to unite as rescue partners with North Texas animal shelters by providing veterinary care, fostering, and carefully placed adoptions of small breed dogs. We focus our community education efforts on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering pets to combat overpopulation.

Shared Housing Center
Offers housing stability with supportive services, focusing on economic independence, vocational advancement and academic achievement. We serve non-traditional families and individuals, including women with children, grandparents raising grandchildren and returning female veterans.

Buddy Up Tennis Dallas
We exist to serve individuals with Down syndrome by providing a fun, active and supportive environment for our Athletes to grow both physically and personally by engaging in activities that impact athletic, social and emotional development.