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John Bunker Sands Wetland Center
Conservation Literacy of Water, Wetlands, and Wildlife Mission - To educate the public and provide research opportunities in the areas of water quality and supply, wildlife management, and wetland systems. Vision - Advance Conservation Literacy through Immersive Education

Mount Vernon Music Association
The mission of Mount Vernon Music is to provide and develop the appreciation for high-quality performance of live music in East Texas.

Dallas Services
The Center for Vision Health brings a full continuum of vision healthcare services to children, adults and seniors. Dallas Day School is committed to helping children achieve their potential through a creative learning environment that fosters physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.

You Connection
YOU CONNECTION is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation using professional theatre and the creative arts to promote Christian values to family audiences in the Dallas, Texas, area, and online, preaching the hardcore, uncompromising message of the Gospel through wildly inventive theatre shows, videos, and more, reaching out especially to those who respond to the visual and performing arts!

CK Family Services
People united through God to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of at-risk children and families.

Beautiful Feet Ministries
Beautiful Feet Ministries seeks to minister to the spiritual, physical, medical, emotional, dental, and hygienic needs of the poor and homeless through daily worship services and Bible studies, clothing distribution, weekly medical and dental clinics, a soup kitchen that serves two-three meals daily, no cost laundry and showers, and men's and women's discipleship programs.

Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
Friends Transforming Communities Through Service…. Our core values and principals are to provide service to the community - our friendships are enhanced and cultivated through our service. With over 30 years of service to our community, the Plano Chapter tirelessly works to significantly make an impact in all we do for others.

Arlington Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee Inc.
The mission of the Arlington Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee is to bring together and unite the Arlington community to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and legacy, Reflect on his ideals, and Share his Dream for the future.

Circle Theatre
Circle Theatre has demonstrated its ability to create a measurable impact on our community through its presence as a dedicated arts organization now in its 39th season of producing year-round live theatre in Fort Worth. Circle's mission is the advocacy of contemporary plays rarely seen in our community. We are committed to presenting professional, innovative theatre in an intimate setting.

Education Unbound
To nurture the huge potential of great minds Forty-seven percent of the jobs could disappear in 20 years and people are losing jobs to automation in many industries. Education Unbound (EdU) stepped in to build up STEAM in Education to mitigate some of the negative impact automation will have on many traditional jobs. STEAM transforms the learning to the four C's-collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity-which constitute 21st-century skills that many employers believe are missing from today's younger workforce.

Allen Gifted
We support gifted and talented education and enrichment for students, teachers and parents in the Allen, Texas area.

Airpower Foundation
The Airpower Foundation was founded by the nation's oldest military support organization, The Fort Worth Airpower Council, to be a nationwide non-profit dedicated to supporting active duty, reserve and National Guard families. The Foundation also supports projects for children who have lost a parent in the war, wounded service members, and veterans.

Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue
Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home Italian Greyhounds and other Sighthounds Educate the public about the desirability of adopting Italian Greyhounds as companions and family pets in the home. Facilitate placing Italian Greyhounds in loving, responsible, forever homes. Provide continuing educational support to the Italian Greyhound family after placement to ensure a successful adoption. Support, welcome, and encourage an active, organized volunteer base of Italian Greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible, forever homes for Italian Greyhounds to live out their natural lives. Stress the importance of spay and neuter as a means of controlling the number of unwanted animals. Connect with other groups and people that assist and adopt Italian Greyhounds to promote adoption worldwide. Enjoy the spiritual connection we all share with Italian Greyhounds and each other in loving and helping one of the most loving and loyal creatures put on this earth.

Emmanuel Labor
Modeling the love of Jesus Christ, address the needs of anyone affected by homelessness and poverty.

Project Transformation Central Texas
Our mission is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships. PT's program model intentionally connects three groups - children, college-age young adults, and churches. The program engages children in holistic development, strengthening their literacy, social-emotional and spiritual skills. At the same time, young adults are engaged in purposeful leadership and ministry as they lead children's programming, live in an intentional Christian community, and focus on vocational discernment. And, the program is a tool to connect churches with their communities through hosting and supporting our summer programs.