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As we stated above, our ultimate mission is to reduce the unnecessary euthanasia of at-risk pets.

In 2017, Dallas Animal Services took in a record 32,325 animals. Of these animals, 8,307 were rescued and relocated by area 501c3 rescue shelters and 8,546 were euthanized. Most of those rescued or euthanized were animals in need of medical treatments that were cost prohibitive for Dallas Animal Services. In order to increase the likelihood of avoiding euthanasia and finding forever families for these animals, it is critical that affordable veterinary care is readily available to non-profit rescue shelters.

Mazie's Mission is the only veterinary hospital in the nation 100% dedicated to providing comprehensive low cost services to rescue groups and shelters.

The numbers: Over the last 4 years, Mazie's Mission has seen an approximately 100% increase in patients visits to our hospital. In 2014, we had 2,142 total patient visits, in 2017 we saw 4,287. Over the last two years our number of patient visits has increased by 20%. If this trend continues, we project 5169 total patient visits this year. Total procedures performed rose from 2848 in 2014 to 5472 in 2017: a 92% increase, with a projected 6269 procedures for 2018.

What does all that mean? Our low cost veterinary services, including hospitalization, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and wellness care mean there are more pets saved from euthanasia due to treatable medical conditions.

The more pets we help, the less have to die.

But that's not all. We work with Meals on Wheels to provide veterinary care for pets who belong to homebound individuals. We work with Hope's Door to provide foster care to pets that belong to domestic abuse victims, so that they can leave their abusers with their pets safe and sound. We are also developing a program to provide veterinary care to pets that belong to residents of The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas.

Dr. Shults, our founder is one of the only forensic veterinarians in the DFW area. She can provide expert testimony regarding the animal victims of abuse.

Mazie's Mission is truly all about the animals. It's what we love, it's what we do: to save as many as we can.