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P.O. Box 101782
Fort Worth, TX 76185
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We are an all volunteer, state-wide Doberman rescue in Texas, based out of Fort Worth, TX. We rescue all ages and all kinds of medical cases of Dobermans across Texas. We place them in individual, loving foster homes for a minimum of 1 month, for proper vetting and behavior evaluations, and basic manners training. The average foster length is 1-4 months until they are adopted to a perfect match home, which is most important, so the dogs can be successful in their forever homes. We financially support them while in foster care, including several seniors each year who are hard to find homes for. Some of our seniors end up being in foster care for 1-3 years, happy, healthy, but with little to no interest in adoption due to their age, so we suppost those dogs as well.
We also partner with several other Doberman rescues in Northern and Midwest states who do not have as much need as we do in Texas, and we arrange ground transfer for several dozen Texas Doberman per year to those transfer partners.
In 2018, so far, we have covered the cost of 6 orthopedic surgeries for dogs with old injuries or broken legs, equaling over $23,000 in surgery costs alone, not including all of our other medical cases, such as mange, cancers, cardio, liver and kidney disease dogs.
Also, 70% of the dogs we rescue are heartworm positive, so that is also an additional cost and time involved treatment for the large majority of the dogs we rescue.
Funds for vet bills are our # 1 need.
LSDR has brought joy back to our lives!! We adopted our first Doberman, Zane, and were so very pleased with the process and thoroughness. We fell in love with Zane very quickly. What we didn't expect was to fall in love with all thoe humans involved in helping place Zane with us. We then helped with transporting Dobies on their freedom rides and to new homes. Then we became foster parents, and foster failures! Toby is now our second Dobie and we couldn't be happier with the relationship he has with us and our other dogs. LSDR has personally helped us with any questions or concerns we may have. Their vast knowledge of the breed and supply of connections is amazing and a huge bonus for us. - Jenene P.

Lone Star Doberman Rescue is the best rescue!! They are so organized and always on top of things! LSDR cares so much for each dog that is in the rescue and ensures that they go to loving, forever homes. All the volunteers pull together to make the impossible become possible in order to make sure these beautiful fur babies have the best chance at starting a great life!!! Chelsea P.

My experience with Lone Star Doberman Rescue has been flawless. We approached the organization looking for a young black and red Doberman and ended up with a Blue named Cane that is a perfect match. The team educated us along the way and still advises us when we encounter challenges. I love that they take great care to match you with the right forever dog. David L.

We have enjoyed a relationship with Lone Star Doberman Rescue for many years. Our last four adoptions (Charli, Solomon, and most recently Jack and Zoey) have been made possible by the hard work and dedication of this rescue. Jennifer has gone beyond what is humanly possible for the many dobermans that have such need. We feel blessed to have been allowed to care for each dog we have adopted through LSDR. These precious animals have brought so much joy into our home and lives! We appreciate you Lone Star Doberman Rescue! Thank you! - Janene W.

I have been blessed to have three Doberman Rescue dogs from LSDR. My first two were a bonded pair. Libby of that pair recently passed away from DCM. The amount of support I got from Jennifer during Libby's illness was second to none. She was always there and available. My male Luke needed holter testing and Jennifer actually came to my house to assist us with the process. In just this last week, LSDR helped us to bring a buddy for Luke to our family. Now Lexi, a gorgeous young redhead, is part of our family. I cannot recommend highly enough LSDR. Always there during good times and bad, the availability is unprecedented. This is a group I have great love and passion for as they have made my family whole.
- Joslyn P.

I have been a vet tech for 20 years. I have dealt with many rescue groups during that time. I must say that Lonestardobermanrescue and Jennifer are by far the best I have ever seen or dealt with! I love Dobermans and we had one come in that was being vetted for Lonestardobermanrescue , I made the mistake of browsing the website! I now have one rescue from them (she is absolutely everything they said she was) I LOVE her! I have since volunteered to help with rescues in our area and give a monthly donation to the rescue! I'm not sold easily , but Dobermans are a different type of dog as any Doberman owner knows, especially if they have not been handled properly. They do their absolute best to see that these wonderful animals are placed in the right home, so that nothing can go wrong. Yes the process is daunting and sometimes lengthy, but oh so worth it!! Thank you to everyone in this group that donates their time an love to this wonderful mission!!! - Julie S.

I have worked with many rescue groups throughout Texas, as a foster, adopter, and volunteer. LSDR is by far the best organization I have been a part of. They are thorough in their vetting of potential adopters to make sure that these dogs are placed in the best homes possible, and that their new family is the perfect fit. LSDR has wonderful foster families who truly get to know these pups so that potential adopters know whether a dog will be a good fit for their family. Jennifer is wonderful to work with, and super responsive to questions and concerns. I am proud to be a foster and foster fail of LSDR, and I have never doubted that Jennifer will always do what is best for these dogs. - Nikki F.

I have had dobermans all my life, all of them from a pup. I was VERY hesitant to adopt from a rescue, not knowing the history of the dog I was going to adopt. After contacting LSDR, I was actually a little intimidated by the application process: home visit, vet calls, and all the questions. After considering the amount of time and effort they put into each and every one of their dogs, all I could say was WOW! I sure hope they choose me. Since then, I have have had the pleasure of adopting two PERFECT boys from LSDR. I can honestly say they make sure each family is perfect for each dog. Keep up the outstanding work! - Kyle B.

One of the best rescue groups around, it's all about what's best for the dog, nothing else. Very thorough vetting for the best match of not only adopters but also in placing fosters. Great group! - Terri J.

I can not rave enough about how amazing these folks are. They truly care for this breed and doing right by it. They're among the most compassionate folks I've ever had the privilege to meet. - Ashley T.