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15707 Coit Road Ste C-107
Dallas, TX 75248
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As a component of Lone Star Bulldog Club, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3), completely volunteer-driven group dedicated to saving and rehoming Bulldogs with loving families. We are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Our program typically has 50+ Bulldogs in its care at any one time and that number is rising now that Bulldogs are listed on the American Kennel Club's Top 10 Most Popular Breeds list.

Our group takes in Bulldogs that may be strays, owner surrenders or shelter pick-ups. The dogs are then cared for and treated by Bulldog-savvy vets, placed in loving foster homes to be fully evaluated and finally matched with the best possible families.

In 2017, we adopted out 163 Bulldogs and spent nearly $144,000 on vet bills. We're grateful for our hundreds of loyal, generous supporters who allow us to cover those costs to make sure our Bulldogs are given the best futures possible.
"I volunteer for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because I believe we all have a purpose in life. We all have a mission and that mission is to make a difference. These bulldogs are not disposable and have no voice to advocate for themselves. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue leaves no bulldog behind. They make sure each dog is healthy and the right family is selected for adoption. I have adopted three rescues from Lone Star and have fostered many others. Everyone can play a role whether it is fostering, volunteering for events, transport, or donations. Each and every dollar or amount of time one can give makes a difference in the lives of these bulldogs. Please remember those who have no voice and therefore no choice by donating to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue on North Texas Giving Day. Any amount is appreciated". ~ Rita Brestrup

"When I began fostering for Lone Star Bulldog I had lost both of my bulldogs within 5 months. I thought that giving some service would help ease my loss. I have such a love for bulldogs and have found that there are so many different ways to help in rescue. I truly did not understand much about rescue except that I had the chance to be around more bulldogs and hopefully make some kind of difference. What I have come to know is the people in this rescue are some of the strongest, coolest people I have ever met. Their passion and sacrifice for helping bulldogs is staggering. I am so proud to be associated with Lone Star Bulldog Rescue and I have received way more than I have ever given". ~ Ashley Mulligan

"I volunteer for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because I adopted more than a Bulldog. He was more than a best friend. Winchester was my soulmate! It was a forever match the instant we met and both our lives were changed forever. I volunteer so other loving dogs and caring humans can share that same relationship. No dog should live a life of neglect, or loneliness, or abandoned in a shelter when they have so much to offer us". ~ Ronnie Lowe

"I started following LSBCR on Facebook a couple years ago, anticipating adding another to my family. As I watched all the great things these people were doing for bulldogs, I knew I wanted to help anyway I could. I'm new to fostering/volunteering but my goal is to help heal, love, show them as much compassion as I possibly can, and show them that not all humans are horrible. To see a scared, unwanted, unsure dog and watching them get the courage and confidence they so deserve. Showing a dog just how awesome a belly rub is and that it's okay to want one! I hope I have many opportunities to see the life brought back into a bulldogs eyes! And I can't forget the most important thing to give and receive as many bulldog hugs and kisses as possible"! ~ Sonia Mays

"I am their voice because they have none and I never want another dog to experience the kind of life that Harley had before she was my baby". ~ Rene' Lewis

"First and foremost, we volunteer for the love of bulldogs, of course! We have been fostering with LSBCR for over 2 years and we love it. We were initially driven to volunteer by following the group on Facebook. We saw touching stories, and we knew we had to help. We've opened up our home to many bulldogs in the past 2 years. We've helped young, old, sick, healthy- those who get along with everyone and everything- those who don't get along with other animals- and those who do not trust humans. In the process we've helped heal some of God's most precious creatures, and they have given us so much in return. They've taught us patience, empathy, and compassion. All bulldogs we have had the pleasure to care for have unique personalities, and it is such a blessing to watch them grow. In particular, we love caring for senior bulldogs whether they are owner surrenders, abandoned, or former mill-mommas/daddies, they are so grateful for a warm bed, a good meal, and a caring human to love them. Thank you LSBCR for allowing us to volunteer and trusting us with the bulldogs"! ~ Matthew & Katie Hitchcock

"I volunteer with LSBCR because I just can't NOT do it. It is priceless, rewarding, and beautiful (I could go on and on…) to help a bulldog find their way back to health, happiness and a new forever home; but it is also really hard. People ask all the time "how do you do it" and I honestly can't give them an answer. To actually see firsthand the evil in this world and what man can do to an innocent dog is both shocking and repulsive, but I couldn't just keep shutting the door on it and pretending it didn't exist, that someone else could fix it. I started with our group simply to be a part of something bigger than myself…but after all these years, it has become part of who I am. I yearn to foster each bully that comes in, but know in my heart I cannot. I love them all, remember their names and stories, and their journey become part of my life, sometimes just a small part, sometimes forever. I think you just have it in your heart to rescue. To heal, help, love and then let go. I have never not cried as I watched a foster ride away to their new forever home. This is a special group of incredible people who have all answered the calling to volunteer. Their lives are then forever changed, so much for the better. I am proud to call myself a member of this group that has become like family".
~ Melissa Shew

"I volunteer/foster with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because most importantly, I know I am making difference and hopefully contributing to a solution. To know I am saving lives, and making a difference in those sweet squishy face's lives, makes my heart happy. To see them come in with all hope gone, and see them leave with their heads held high with their new families, makes every ounce of blood, sweat and tears we put into making them whole again rewarding. Another great aspect of volunteering with the rescue is the sense of community. There are all walks of life that are a part of this rescue who show up to events and fundraisers that all have one thing in mind, and that is to make a difference and raise awareness. I am very proud to be a part of such a great organization and knowing I am changing the world one squishy face at a time". ~ Candace Storey

"I joined Lone Star Bulldog Club many years ago when I was showing my first bulldog, Rosie, in obedience competition. That's right, obedience, and Rosie was at one time number two bulldog in the country! Back then, Rescue literally consisted of one person with a binder of pictures and information about bulldogs who needed help. After looking through the binder I was soon recruited to help out with Rescue. I just could not and still do not understand how anyone could mistreat, abandon, or give up such a kind, loving, special dog such as an English Bulldog. Under the leadership of Lesa Strickland and now Dianne Mathis, our LSBC Rescue Group has grown into a huge family of wonderful people with one thing in common, we love bulldogs and want to help as many of them as we can. I have helped out with many Bull-O-Weens, Rescue events, home visits, and even fostered in the past. I plan to continue to volunteer as much as I can, and when I retire I will fill my house with bulldogs from Rescue! That is, if my current bulldog girl gives me permission to do so. You know how those Queen Bee Bulldog girls are"! ~ Laura Manno

"I volunteer for LSBCR because I LOVE bulldogs. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a fully transformed bulldog walk out my door with their forever families (even though I cry every time). LSBCR is an amazing rescue that gives 100% into making sure each bulldog that comes in is loved and is matched to the perfect family and I am proud to be a part of it". ~ Suzy Poile

"I followed Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for about a year before I decided to volunteer/foster. I kept reading the sad, heartbreaking stores of these precious bulldogs and knew that I had to reach out and help any way I could. What I didn't know was that by becoming a part of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, I wasn't just helping the bulldogs, I was becoming a part of a wonderful community of people who go to the ends of the earth for these dogs in need. They open their homes to dogs they have no idea where they came from or what their history is. They donate money for the endless medical care these bulldogs need. They spend their days off transporting dogs across the state. They operate fundraisers. They educate the public about the care and needs of the bulldog. They rehabilitate a sick or emotionally damaged dog back to a healthy, happy, loving bulldog ready for a new, forever family. They are the heart and soul of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue"! ~ Shelley Smith

"Love. Love is the reason I work with rescue. I love the bullies. I love to see them get healthy, happy and secure in their new lives. The love goes both ways. My first adoption was a little mill mama who had lived in a cage for five years having babies. She loves me with every fiber in her body. She loves freedom, good food, and naps on the furniture. She is smart, curious and affectionate. My heart aches to think what her previous life must have been like. Two rescue fur sisters and a foster girl have joined our family. I would take many more if I had the resources and the space. Saving these babies and caring for them is the most rewarding experience of my life now". ~ Sandy Lovin

"I volunteer for LSBCR because I believe that all bulldogs deserve a great home, lot's of love and attention, and a place they feel safe. Not all bulldogs that join rescue have had the opportunity to have a fabulous life and it my mission to help provide them their best life from here on out after joining rescue. Whatever small part I play in their lives I am rewarded a thousand times over. Seeing a rescue bulldog join a family and seeing the happiness that everyone feels makes volunteering the easiest job in the world". ~ Dianne Mathis Ogburn

"Cuz I want to help! Cuz it's my way of doing something....Cuz...humans suck, when I see the pain & harm they cause these babies and this is my way to give back. But really, I think it's deeper for me. There is a theory that every person has 3 places or 3 versions of themselves. A work self. A home self. And the third self is of your choosing. For me, it's helping dogs - where ever & how ever I can help, that's my calling. I can't save them all (unfortunately), but for the ones I can help it's everything. And that brings be more joy than any philanthropic work I've ever done. It's like-hearted people who give their time, energy, money and love to help these amazing fur's a perfect third place for me"!
~ Traci Mercer

"I volunteer because of these wonderful Bulldogs who love unconditionally! I foster failed with my sweet senior, Mojo. This rescue works hard to help all the Bulldogs who can have some pretty crazy medical issues. Our volunteers open their homes to see how these dogs socialize & mingle & they match them up great families. I volunteer in memory of my sweet Mojo"! ~ Tiffany Morton

"We volunteer for LSBCR because we make a difference, sometimes all the difference, in the lives of these precious animals. Some have been abandoned, others abused or starved, and nearly all come with medical issues. We share our hearts and home; serve nutritious food, sometimes fed by hand in the case of the dogs that have "shut down". We tend to their medical care, show them a safe and secure environment, and prepare them for a life of love and happiness. When our fosters move onto a new life with their furever family, we are thrilled for everyone. Amidst their excitement, we dab away our drops of sadness, and resolve to help another Bullie. It also does our hearts a world of good to contribute in any other way we can. When we take a bulldog to Home Depot, a 15 minutes errand takes more than a half hour because many people want to pet the dog. We hand out LSBCR cards and talk up the organization. Many of these bulldog fans had no idea that LSBCR existed. Neither did I until three years ago when Lola crossed the Rainbow Bridge and led us to our future as adoptive and foster parents. This volunteerism adds joy to and enriches our lives". ~ Robert Menard

"To be blunt I volunteer with Lone Star to save a dogs life! I am part of rescue because I want to do what I can to help the over population of strays and the unwanted (under various circumstances) a safe, and healthy temporary home. I want to help them find the forever home that they deserve and give them the unconditional love that they give us humans".
~ Debra Beard

"Dave and I volunteer because, when we met, we knew we were too old to have kids. So we turned our attention to getting a dog. I told Dave my dream of having a bulldog-since I was in my early 20's. I had no clue if the breed would be a fit for us, so we bought some books. Bulldogs are lazy? Check-one small backyard. Bulldogs are couch potatoes? Check-we love to hangout in our home more than go out, choosing to watch movies and the like. We had no clue there were bulldog rescues, so we found a great breeder and got our 2 girls, Rigby and Jude. I discovered Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue like most people, on Facebook. I became obsessed with watching every bulldog that was surrendered and couldn't wait for updates on their journey to getting well and finding their forever homes. With the laptop in my lap and a bulldog next to me on the couch, snoring away, I contemplated adoption because I felt that I couldn't give a foster up. Then there was Harvey. What a sad and pathetic little bulldog he was, hanging his head low, toenails curled under with this cheerful story about him and how his life has made a turn for the better-onward and upward! That's when I knew, I must give back to this wonderful breed that gave me my very own family. Now its a little over 4 years and Dave and I have fostered over 60 dogs and had 3 foster fails. Every moment in Rescue has been such a blessing for us. To give back, yes. But to get to know each of these beautiful creatures and their individual personalities-its been our honor to be a part of their lives". ~ Renea & Dave Reckner

"One of my personal missions in life is to make a positive impact on the world around me through service. I chose to get involved with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue in the summer of 2015, and it might be the wildest and most rewarding decision of my life! The people of this village have been so welcoming and quickly adopted me into the crazy, emotional roller-coaster ride that is RESCUE. I knew from the website and FB pages that they helped re-home bulldogs in need, but what I didn't expect was the unwavering support for each other and the drop-everything to drive 3+hrs level of dedication to save lives. That simply doesn't come across in posts & pictures. They really put the health and successful adoption of the Bulldogs FIRST! But a close second is the education, encouragement, and commitment to serving their fosters, volunteers, and even adopters. Its not a transactional interaction like some organizations where you adopt and then move on. Lone Star really focuses on creating lasting relationships and providing as much guidance as possible for long term success of the bulldogs and their forever families <3 Contributing towards that mission is a huge source of pride, and now at 10 successful adoptions (including 2 foster fails-lol), I feel like I am just getting started"! ~ Amber Westbrook

"I've been involved with Lone Star Bulldog Club and its rescue efforts since moving to Texas in 2006. Over the years, I've served as a committee member, a board member, an officer, a supporter and a volunteer. The one thing I know for certain? This organization ALWAYS put the dogs first, and rightly so. The dogs should always be the priority. I'm incredibly proud of the work all of our members and volunteers do to protect our beloved breed. I'm honored to be part of a group that does its best to educate the public about the breed and that we have tireless volunteers who often put their personal lives on hold when it comes to saving Bulldogs. It's a 24/7 job without the paycheck. Bless them for riding the emotional rescue roller coaster.... they see the darkest sides of humanity (neglect, abuse, etc.) and then are able to enjoy the celebrations of adoption days. While you hope the good days offset the bad days, Bulldog rescue is not for the weak, that's for sure. Is it "quick and easy" to be approved to adopt through Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue? Not necessarily because there are multiple hurdles when it comes to evaluating an applicant. That's simply because we want our dogs to be placed in the absolute best homes possible. Again, it's all about making the dogs the priority. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for all you do!" ~ Deirdre Jack
$100.00 provided by Robert Menard