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3105 Ira E Woods Ave Suite 180
Grapevine, TX 76051
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We are privileged to teach, encourage and make a positive impact on kids and families! We have a front row seat watching kids grow in confidence, making GOOD and lasting friendships, discovering new talents and passions and literally shining as they take the stage doing something they love! We hear all the time about what a difference this place makes, and each time it confirms that what we set out to do is happening ... shaping hearts through the arts!

For the past 3 years, we have been partnering with local elementary schools by offering an after school program "Leaders in Theatre." This is an opportunity for kids to stay after school and participate in an 8-week exploration of the world of theatre! Our school partnership also includes producing a full-scale production with rehearsals at their school and performances at LifeStage Theatre, giving kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity a chance to participate in something special.
We recently received this email from a former student ... "LifeStage is one of my favorite places and I want to shout it from the rooftops!! It is truly one of the only places I felt like was a home when I was in high school. I've missed my LifeStage family so much since I've went off to college. I am forever grateful for all of the opportunities you gave me. I can truthfully say if I didn't have such a solid foundation at LifeStage, I would not be where I am today. I thank the Lord almost every night that he brought me to this place at such a young age."

One of our theatre teachers recently shared this with us ... "At LifeStage, our desire isn't simply to be a creative space, but to foster a safe place for our students who may face challenging stuff in their personal lives. I see it a lot in improv. Sometimes what the kids mention or enact on stage is a reflection of what they're facing outside our doors. And it can be tough. But I have to stay hopeful that our influence can be just as strong as any other they encounter in life. Even 45 minutes a week in an environment of encouragement can be life changing!"
$1,000.00 provided by Griffith Roofing
Thanks to Mark & Michelle of Griffith Roofing for generously matching the first $1000!