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1212 East Lancaster
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone Number:
682-499-7800 ext. 35
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The Annual Point in Time Count surveys homeless participants across the country to determine their barriers, what led to them being on the street, and what services they need. For the last three years in Tarrant County, the survey has shown that the leading reason that led to homelessness was the loss of a job. The Leg Up Program was created in 2015 to address that problem by providing employment and housing support. The Leg Up Program has two innovative components to help participants become successful. The first component is called the Jump Start and this component is designed to give a participant a one-week crash course to get them ready to re-enter the job market. The class covers:
• Past Employment Patterns
• What Employers are looking for
• Resume Construction
• Interviewing
• How to Address Gaps in Employment
• Criminal History
• Attire
• Conflict in the Workplace
Our agency works closely with our shelter partners that refer the clients to the program. We provide feedback to each case manager to support the case management plan in place for each client. We also have an employer network that has been willing to hire graduates of the program. Some of the partners include: Chuys, Balfour Beatty, Black Rooster Bakery and the Omni Hotel.
Every participant that takes the class receives:
• A customized staff led job search
• A professional resume and email address
• Interview clothing
• Bus Passes to go to interviews
Once employed, each client receives one month of bus passes to get to work until they receive their first paycheck and they are now paired with a success coach that follows up with them to help address any issues along the way. Last year, 43 participants of the program found full-time work of at least $11.04 an hour. In the first four months of 2018, 47 of our 70 participants have found full time work providing the following results:
• 55% employment rate after completing the program
• 92% employment retention rate after completing the program
The Department of Housing Urban Development Says it costs taxpayers $40,000 a person for someone to be homeless on the street because of all the costly services that are provided. In 2017, the Leg Up Program saved the community 1.7 million through its programs and has saved $1.8 million so far this year.

Once our participants are employed, we work to help them find housing. Our housing success program works to help each participant overcome the barriers that have led to apartment complexes not wanting to rent to them including evictions, bad credit, lack of income. This program teaches:
• How to become a responsible tenant
• How to repair credit
• How to build a realistic budget
At the conclusion of the classes, every participant is given a certificate and critical leads from landlords who will accept the certificate. We are currently one of two service providers using this program in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the only provider in Tarrant County. Our organization routinely offers classes and programming in conjunction with the following partner agencies each month: Presbyterian Night Shelter, Samaritan House, Tarrant County Jail, Arlington Life Shelter, Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army and Texas CAN Academies of Forth Worth (both campuses).
"I put everything they taught me to use during the class and I had a job by the end of the week," Annie

"God Bless the Leg Up Program. I felt like I had lost everything until this program gave me hope. Now I am employed again and rebuilding my life. It has not been easy, but they have been with me every step of the way," Barbara.