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The Legacy Family Court is the sole beneficiary of the Legacy Family Court Foundation. The Court is a specialized drug court administered through the 302nd Judicial District Court. The Court's purpose is to provide parents facing parental rights termination by the Child Protective Services (CPS) with a unique opportunity to establish and sustain lasting recovery from substance addiction through rehabilitation and to reunite the parents with their children so they can lead healthy, productive lives. The program offered by the Court is a voluntary, eighteen-month program for drug-addicted parents whose children have been removed as a result of child abuse or neglect perpetrated by their substance abuse. The Court provides an intensive, collaborative effort to support families with substance addiction issues through their recovery process. The ultimate goal of this united effort is to facilitate recovery from substance addictions, rehabilitate toward healthy lives, and reunite parents with their children in safe, healthy environments.

With their children judicially removed from their care, parents selected to participate volunteer for the Court's non-adversarial 18 month program that utilizes a team-based approach and operates under the Ten Key Components of Drug Courts. Long term, the program creates long-term sobriety, decreases the number of out-of-home placements for children and increases family reunification.

Recent statistics illustrate the necessity and importance of this type of court; in 2016-17, 60% of children removed by CPS in Texas from birth families were placed in state custody because of parental substance abuse. The negative impact of removal and separation from their parents includes behavioral problems, depression or anxiety, psychiatric disorders, low test scores, and other educational challenges. The children of substance abusing parents frequently have no basic needs met and live without proper supervision, which may lead them to later abuse drugs as adolescents. By their parents' participation in the Legacy Family Specialty Court, those children will spend significantly less time in foster care because their parents are twice as likely to attend and complete drug treatment, thus raising the chance of reunification with their children by 50%, according to a review of drug courts.

However, neither fees nor funds are collected or allocated by Dallas County to financially sustain the Legacy Family Specialty Court. To that end, the Legacy Family Court Foundation, Inc. was launched in 2013 by concerned attorneys, Judges and interested business leaders.