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Please consider supporting Justice for Our Neighbors' (JFON) work on behalf of immigrants like Yen.

What started off as a dream turned into a nightmare from which there seemed little hope of escape. When she reached her late teens Yen was sent to the United States to marry Hung, which was the result of an agreement made by their parents. Although she and Hung were from the same village in Vietnam, he was now residing in Texas. Unfortunately for Yen, adjusting to life in America proved to be more difficult than she had imagined.

Yen was the victim of human trafficking, forced to work without compensation in the restaurant that was owned by her husband's family. Hung threatened her, assaulted her, and told her that she was illegal. To make matters worse, he did not follow through on Yen's immigration process, which resulted in the expiration of her conditional residency in the U.S. She no longer had legal status, and Hung controlled every aspect of her life.

When she was finally able to get away to a shelter, the staff referred Yen to JFON. With the help of a JFON attorney and by cooperating with law enforcement, Yen has been able to secure legal permanent residence - a green card. She is now safe and independent, holds a good job, and is working towards her citizenship. "I appreciate how JFON has helped me all this time. I want to say thank you to all of the donors who made this possible so that I and others get the help we need," Yen recently shared in a letter.

However, for every immigrant woman like Yen who has the courage to leave an abusive marriage there are many others who don't get the help they need because of immigration laws, language barriers, social isolation, and lack of financial resources. It doesn't have to be this way.

During this North Texas Giving Day you can help immigrants transition from crisis to stability. Can we count on your support?