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1201 Executive Dr West
Richardson, TX 75081
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Students learn essential financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship concepts from the corporate and community volunteers JA Dallas connects with K-12 classrooms.

Junior Achievement (JA) holds a nationwide core purpose to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. JA Dallas carries out this purpose in the Dallas community through a strategic focus to provide business role models, basic business skills, and financial literacy to 100% of the most at-risk students. An average of 76% of students who attend school in JA Dallas' priority school districts come from economically disadvantaged homes and our financial literacy and economic education programs are provided at no cost to schools or students and their parents. The programs that we offer to students have shared core concepts of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship, and JA Dallas is dedicated to ensuring that all K-12 students, regardless of who they are or where they come from, receive opportunities to participate in JA programming. With the help and support of partners in the community, Dallas area students can continue to receive the benefit of JA.

Quick Stats!
90% of JA Alumni are confident in their ability to manage money.

93% of JA Alumni graduate high school or have a GED (compared to 88% of the general US population).

JA Alumni are 2.5 times (or 143%) more likely to be involved in entrepreneurial activities than those who did not have JA.
"Before the JA volunteers came, my students often talked about wanting to work at McDonald's and Jack In The Box -where some of their parents worked. After learning about businesses in the community, production, taxes, and money with the volunteers, they began to change their minds. They didn't want to work at these fast food places any more. They wanted to own them." - Barton Elementary Teacher

"The children were very smart and very willing to participate. When the day was over the students didn't want us to leave. They want to learn more." - JA Volunteer

"JA is a powerful and positive experience for my students. It never fails: every year, JA comes and every year my kids start to talk about and look forward to college." - Elementary Teacher

"This experience was just as rewarding to me as it was to the students. Seeing their eagerness to learn only inspired me even more to put forth more efforts in my day to day. I look forward to next year and continuing to make an impact in the lives of our children." - MoneyGram Volunteer