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Burleson, TX 76097
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Children are our most precious resource and every child deserves a safe and healthy childhood. Unfortunately, because of their vulnerability, children are popular targets for molesters, drug dealers and other predatory criminals. It is time to help build schools and neighborhoods where each of us... kids, teens and adults can feel safe and secure from crime. By working with children and teaching them crime prevention measures, we can substantially reduce the chances of child victimization. By instilling proper decision-making skills and addressing the social and emotional aspects surrounding things like peer pressure and substance abuse, we can make strides in preventing future cases involving children. Research shows that there is less crime where communities are working together. A safe community starts with teaching young children how to stay safe. Utilizing McGruff the Crime Dog costume and safety materials is know to make a lasting impact on students. Crime Stoppers is a proven and valuable tool in assisting law enforcement in the fight to keep our communities and schools a safer place to live, work and learn.
As a victim of crime myself, I know how devastating it is when criminals disrupt the otherwise peaceful routine of our lives, causing injury, damage or even worse outcomes. I also experienced firsthand the relief in knowing those responsible would be held accountable. We all have the right to live without crime and without the fear of crime. Too often, persons with vital information about crimes fail to contact the police because they fear retaliation or because they don't want to get involved. The result of their reluctance is that many dangerous criminals who should be behind bars are still walking the streets, maybe even creating more victims. Crime Stoppers offers secure and anonymous means to get that information to the police, making families and communities safer. So whether it's submitting a tip that may be the missing piece to solve a crime or keep it from taking place, volunteering your time and talents on our board or supporting Crime Stoppers financially, WE NEED YOU! Donna P. ~ Board Member