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Allen, TX 75002
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HOW empowers our heroes to decompress and reconnect with themselves, their family, education, jobs, and become part of a lifelong community. We are one of the few veterans organizations that extends our services to family members. Our ongoing program offers outdoor recreation, camaraderie, and a social support network at no cost to them or their families, thanks to your generous donations.

Heroes on the Water was a participant in an 18-month study conducted by Troy University, which focused on alternative forms of therapy for individuals faced with traumatic experiences, such as combat post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. The impact is significant:

- 60% less re-experience, including less flashbacks, bad dreams and frightening thoughts.
- 56% less stress.
- 63% less avoidance, or staying away from places that trigger reminders.
- 62% less hyper-vigilance which is an extreme level of alertness.

Reducing these symptoms for our heroes trickles to the family members, enabling them to reunify as a stronger foundation unit. This ensures that everyone is able to actively participate in their community in a positive, productive manner.
According to one of our participants, Kevin, when discussing his kayak fishing experience "It's the best medicine I have ever taken."

Another participant, Ray, says "HOW isn't about trying to make money off anybody. The whole point is putting a veteran in a kayak with a fishing rod and giving him the chance to be a normal person no matter what has happened. You have no idea how powerful that is. It's something that no traditional therapy can give you."

"I wouldn't be where I'm at today - teacher, foster parent, parent, husband - if it wasn't for this organization. I will honestly say that fishing and HOW saved my life. They changed everything about my life for the better."