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Gift's for Senior's Citizens that have no one at Christmas time. Last year was our 1st year to offer "Gift's for Seniors", and we were able to have gifts and handmade Christmas cards from Children go to 529 Seniors in 22 facilities and 10 cities, which included nursing homes, hospice, in-home care, memory care, meals on wheels and 186 working Seniors received a Christmas card with local gift cards to restaurants and stores. Our goal for this year is to reach over 2000 Senior Citizens that have no one at Christmas.
Last year we had a Senior at a local nursing home receive one of our large teddy bears and she now sleeps with her bear and it goes everywhere with her in her wheelchair. She now has a friend to care for that was giving to her in love.

We had a Secret Santa go to a local Walmart and give a working senior a Christmas card with gift cards in closed. The volunteer that gave it to her stated" I walked up to her and said Merry Christmas, God Love you and then I turned and walked away. I noticed that she was following me in the store, so I stopped and she looked at me and asked the following question, "why did you do this for me? No one ever does anything for me? " He told her that she was loved and cared about." Volunteer stated that "I will be your Secret Santa for life."