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214 N. 12th Street
Garland, TX 75040
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Many of Good Sam's clients are seniors, caregivers for elderly parents, raising grandchildren, disabled, or facing unexpected life challenges. Assistance may be temporary but extremely valuable in helping families navigate through challenges before falling further into overwhelming need and hopelessness. In accordance Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, Good Sam does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability.

Good Sam serves two distinct populations: those with a roof over their head (housed) and those without (unhoused/homeless).
HOUSED neighbors receive food assistance monthly; fresh produce, weekly. To date, in 2018, a monthly average of 589 family units received food assistance; in 2017, the monthly average was 556.
UNHOUSED neighbors are provided a "10-Pack" of on-the-go food twice a week. Monthly (more often in warm/hot months), hygiene kits are available. Due to Good Samaritans' close proximity to public transportation, our environment, and the disbandment of Dallas' tent cities, Good Sam's unhoused population has grown exponentially. To date, in 2018, a monthly average of 175 unhoused neighbors received food assistance twice a week; in 2017, the monthly average was 150.

As the need for food assistance grows, Good Sam's commitment to our Core Values, 'G.A.T.H.E.R.', remains constant:
Give Joyfully - we give food from a culture of welcome, warmth, and belonging.
Align Accountability - we align and carefully manage sound fiscal practices and efficient and effective use of resources.
Treat Respectfully - we treat neighbors with respect, without bias or judgment, seeking to understand needs and offering appropriate assistance.
Help Compassionately - we help neighbors with courtesy, sensitivity, and compassion and honor their lives, concerns, and stories.
Engage Community - we engage partners and promote teamwork, accomplishing more to actively sustain our mission, achieve shared goals, and build a strong community.
Reduce Hunger - we reduce hunger, believing no one should be hungry and that adequate and reliable sources of nutritious food is necessary for individuals and communities to develop and thrive.
Maria: "After learning about your organization and how involved you seem to be with the community, we [our church] would love to be part of it. See, I drive by your place on a daily basis and it fills my heart with joy to see so many people sitting and eating on those cute picnic tables. Please guide/advise me on how to get started."

Harry: "Good Samaritans provides a vital source by which those in need can seek comfort and relief from the hardships of life. They serve our community selflessly, with compassion and empathy for the downtrodden. We are truly blessed to have such an organization in ur [sic] area."

Ash: "Absolutely THE best place to go if you need assistance with food! The staff were [sic] amazing - friendly, caring and compassionate without judgement."

GISD Social Worker:
"So many times throughout the year I call upon your services for our GISD families. It is such a blessing to have your help and have volunteers who are so kind and generous. Our community has such a wonderful resource in Good Samaritans!"

City of Garland Summer Nutrition Team:
"Thank you, volunteers and Good Samaritans of Garland for the snacks and water bottles provided for distribution to families through the Summer Nutrition Program. Hundreds of snack items were distributed at our meal sites over the summer. I want to thank you for being a generous non-profit partner and in taking an interest in addressing hunger in the community."

Moving Towards Self-Sufficiency:
For two years, Good Sam has provided food for a 39 year-old mother of four while she attended school. Wanting to set an example for her children that moving out of poverty is possible and desiring to be sole provider, this busy mother recently graduated with a BBA, followed by an MBA, and is now gainfully employed.

Celebrating Independence:
Since 2013, 72-year old Ms. Lee has been receiving food assistance from Good Sam. In November, Good Sam received a call from Ms. Lee letting us know she would no longer need food assistance. "I'm going to put on my big-girl panties and make it without your help!" We reminded Ms. Lee that if she finds herself having trouble, we are here for her!

Celebrating Re-Birth:
Emeka, a well-educated, middle-aged man was gainfully employed for 15 years when his company abruptly terminated him. He was unprepared and lost his lease, lived in his car, and eventually found himself without any shelter. When Emeka came to Good Sam he was embarrassed and unsure of how to ask for, and where to find, help. We welcomed him, provided food, assistance referrals, and job training resources. Over the next 18 months, we journeyed with Emeka while homeless, re-training, employed, housed, promoted, and this past Fall, married. He remains a good friend of Good Sam!