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2001 Plano Parkway, Suite 1600
Plano, TX 75075
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First Liberty works on a national level, securing religious freedom in four critical areas:

Religious liberty for churches and religious organizations
Religious liberty inside the military
Religious liberty in schools
Religious liberty throughout the public arena

We believe that in today's diverse, pluralistic society, the government must protect the constitutional rights of its citizens in order for us all to coexist peacefully - even when we disagree. And the true cornerstone of that belief means recognizing and defending the fundamental right of every individual - of any faith - to follow their conscience and to live according to their religious beliefs.

As our Founding Fathers declared, religious liberty is our first and most foundational right, It serves as the catalyst of all subsequent freedoms. When religious liberty is threatened or attacked, every other freedom is endangered. And once our First Freedom is lost, it will be gone forever.

That's why we are "First In the Fight" when it comes to defending and protecting our country's most cherished and profound freedom: religious liberty.
"There's no way we could have been able to continue this fight without First Liberty. Legal battles are expensive; there's no way we could have afforded that. The only way we are able to fight this is because of the generosity of others." - Aaron & Melissa Klein, Sweetcakes by Melissa, First Liberty Clients

"Praying that those who offer up prayers for these cases also offer up donations as well. One never knows when the battle will show up at your door and I personally know the privilege of having First Liberty there for you!" - Toni Lynn Richardson, Special Education Technician and First Liberty Client

"The attorneys at First Liberty saved my career and my ministry." - Wes Modder, Former U.S. Navy Chaplain & Lt. Commander and First Liberty Client

"There really would not have been any case at all without First Liberty's intervention and involvement. Their perseverance and unwillingness to quit through this long process has yielded results beyond our expectations." - Cornerstone Church, Bayview, TX, First Liberty Client