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A community in which all children can grow up safely and develop to their fullest potential.

• Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
• Children's Advocacy Center (CAC)
• Child Abuse Prevention
• Rainbow Room
• School Supply Drive
• Christmas Drive


During the fiscal year ending August 31, 2018, CASA served 131 children and trained 16 new volunteers. In all, 41 volunteers logged in 5,744 hours and drove more than 47,000 miles in their efforts to advocate for 131 children. CASA attended 275 court hearings, 26 mediations and 43 permanency conferences on behalf of these children. This was another record setting year for CASA. The number of children served has increased by 58% over the last two years. Fortunately, the number of volunteers also increased to keep up with the growing demand for services.

For the year ending August 31, 2018, the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) opened 265 new cases, which was 115% more than last year. CAC staff conducted 239 forensic interviews (123% increase) and provided a variety of services to child victims and their protective family members, including information, referrals, crisis intervention, follow-up, assistance with Crime Victims' Compensation, court accompaniment, court orientation, emergency financial assistance and other support services. Staff therapists also provided 959.5 counseling sessions in the past year.

Child Abuse Prevention programs are offered to teach adults how to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to child abuse. In the fiscal year ending August 31, 2018, 194 adults were trained.

The Rainbow Rooms are a collaborative effort between the center and the Child Welfare Board. This project provides for many of the basic needs of children being served by CASA, Children's Advocacy Center and Child Protective Services. The rooms are stocked with new items including clothing, personal hygiene items, duffel bags, diapers, baby wipes, shoes, coats, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc.

The annual School Supply Drive is funded entirely by community donations. This special project is open to all needy children in Fannin County. At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the center provided supplies to 515 children. Students came from all over Fannin County and from grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. More than 10,000 students have been given free supplies in the 22 years this program has been operational.

The Children's Center's annual Christmas Drive also relies on local community donations to provide gifts of new toys, clothes and other items for the children and siblings served by CASA and CAC. In 2017, 262 children were served through this project, which was a 49% increase over the previous year.

All donations to the Children's Center for North Texas Giving Day will be used to Build the Dream of a new facility. Click on the "Current Agency Needs" tab above to read more about this urgent need.
Jeff's CASA volunteer believed adoption was a possibility for him, despite the fact that others had labeled him "unadoptable" because of his behaviors. Jeff came into foster care in second grade because he was sexually abused by his father and rejected by his mother. Because of CASA's encouragement and persistence, he improved his behaviors and was adopted at age 14. He continues to stay in contact with us.

Susy first came to the Children's Advocacy Center when she was nine. Once CPS determined that Susy was sexually abused by her father and unprotected by her mother, she was removed from her home. Since coming into foster care, she has been in 18 different foster homes, had at least four different CPS caseworkers, but just one CASA volunteer. For eight years, Susy's CASA volunteer has been her rock. When adoption plans fell through, when she was placed in the wrong classes at school and when other disappointments came along, Susy turns to her CASA, whom she lovingly calls "Grandma."

When abuse was suspected, the Johnson kids came to the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC). They talked to a specially trained forensic interviewer and told about the sexual and physical abuse they endured from their dad when mom was at work. When mom learned of the abuse, she separated from dad. Through weekly counseling sessions at the CAC, the kids and their mother began the healing process. They also received Christmas gifts, school supplies, clothing from the Rainbow Room, court orientation and many other support services from the CAC. All of the children testified in the criminal trial where their dad was found guilty and sent away for the rest of his life.

At age 16, Jason's mother was arrested and he entered a group home. When he was 17 years old, he already had his GED and had little to do during the day. His boredom, loneliness, and reluctance to plan for the future led him to begin getting into trouble. Jason had started down a road where he may have ended up going to jail or abusing drugs. Jason's CASA volunteer, however, worked with him to steer him onto a different path. Jason now has a caring adult in his life who is helping him stay out of trouble by bonding over their mutual love of cars. The CASA is also helping him review his options for the future such as trade school, through which he could achieve his dream of becoming a mechanic.

Darby was 13 years old when she was sexually abused by a family friend who had been living at her home. She was reluctant to report her abuse because she feared her mother would side with the friend, which caused her relationship with her mother to become strained. Without help, Darby's abuse may have ended up escalating and she may have run away from home or dropped out of school. Luckily, Darby was able to make an outcry of abuse at our Children's Advocacy Center (CAC), and her mother removed the perpetrator from their home, but she felt responsible for her daughter's abuse. Darby's mother attended therapy at the CAC to help her cope with what happened to her daughter and to learn strategies to best support Darby through the healing process. After receiving individual and group counseling at the Center, Darby was able to heal and move on with her life, successfully completing high school, enrolling in college courses, and maintaining a strong bond with her mother.
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