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P.O. Box 1226
Addison, TX 75001
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Although there are over 10 domestic violence shelters in Dallas-Ft. Worth, there aren't enough beds to meet the needs of those seeking emergency shelter. In 2017, over 8,000 calls to Dallas area shelters were unmet due to a lack of space. The solution at Families to Freedom is to offer a car ride with a volunteer driver to the next town with available shelter, or directly to the home of family far away. Our service has a long-term impact of the lives of the women and children who might otherwise be homeless or be lured back to an abuser. Families to Freedom is the only long-distance transportation solution for domestic abuse victims. And we are an all-volunteer organization with more than 50 North Texas volunteer drivers.

Our Ride to Safety program provides low-income victims of domestic abuse the ability to get to available emergency shelter across North Texas, or directly to the home of family far away. Access to transportation is the single most important factor in a victim's ability to escape. In Texas, and much of the US, it is impossible to get to some places without a vehicle. Take for example Decatur, TX. There is no Greyhound service, no taxi, no Uber, and no public transit that can help a Dallas victim get to the domestic violence shelter. Families to Freedom is a solution for victims without local shelter for safety, and without a means to be closer to family for long-term support.

Support us so we can reduce homelessness, reduce hospitalizations, reduce child abuse and reduce murder. Together we can change the game for how victims are able to break free from abuse!
- Without the help of Families to Freedom I'm not sure where my children and I would be right now. I greatly appreciate that there is such amazing people available in the world.
- I was [hesitant] to leave because Dallas was all that I knew, but after some time I realized leaving is the best option for us. It will open up a safer, more peaceful opportunity and a new journey that will benefit our future.
- I feel free and safe, also not to be afraid or beaten [or] sad. Thank you for your help.
- I need a chance to start over. I want a better chance of a good life and not be beaten.
- Please keep me in prayer, this is scary to me. To walked away from all I've ever known. I was married for 28 years. I came from sexual and domestic abuse before I ever met my husband. My prayer is to have healthy emotional and physical relationships for my new journey. Thanks for your help!
Families to Freedom Board of Directors will match your donation! Every dollar getting us to our $11,000 goal is matched! Please give then share with 5 more people to support Families to Freedom!!