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8150 N Central Expy, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75206
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Our program has demonstrated that young women are better prepared to take and pass the AP Physics exam than their peers if they participate in our summer program prior to taking their first high school physics course.

We hosted 10 camps and served 245 students, 50% who self-identify as being on Free-Reduced Meal Program, 26% Black, 34% Hispanic, and ~25% who will be first generation college students.

87% said they are more prepared for physics as a result of the camp.
81% said that they are more prepared to make college and career choices as a result of the camp.
65% said they are more interested in a career that involves STEM as a result of the camp.
95% said that they think physics might be hard, but believe they can do it.

> Serve 350 Texas high school young women, 300 of which are North Texas students
> Pilot a new camp for middle school girls on community based engineering design
> Launch a product line of resources that provide diverse STEM role models for students

"I believe physics camp has made a world of difference for my students. Not only do they have a background knowledge going into new concepts, but they're excited to put to use some of the things they learned at physics camp! Students like to feel like they already know what's coming, and physics camp provided an amazing way for my students to feel prepared and on top of the coming year in my class!" Grand Prairie Teacher, Caitlyn Jolley

"Thanks to such an amazing camp I was able to get a high score on my AP physics Exam later that year building off of the knowledge base that the camp has left in my mind." Janavi Chadha

"I definitely feel attending physics camp gave me a jump start in physics class my junior year. Going in already knowing some of the concepts made me more confident in a challenging class." Autumn Woods

"For those who want a career in STEM or just want a better idea of what their high school physics course will consist of, I greatly recommend taking the two weeks to participate in this wonderful program." Mackenzie McGregor

"One thing that I learned at the camp that will stick with me for what I feel will be the rest of my life is that, it's okay to ask for help." Francesca Abbruzzese

"Attending the Physics Camp provided me with a push in STEM and I began to like mathematics and science more." Kristan Burns

"Attending the DCC Girls' Physics Camp was really such an enriching and empowering experience. One thing I really enjoyed about the camp was that it balanced learning about physics with fun experiments as well as featured women speakers in STEM fields practically every day. By talking to women in the STEM field, I got a firsthand account of what working on such exciting and new technologies was like--it was truly inspiring. It made me more comfortable with physics as well as growing up a woman going into a STEM career. I loved it!" Shalini Kishore