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PO Box 486
Denton, TX 76202
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In our first eleven years DASF HAS ACCOMPLISHED:
$2,400,000 - Raised and donated towards the construction and equipment of the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center
Over $210,000 - Given in the form of shelter adoption subsidies to lower adoption fees (That is over 7,000 adoption subsidies!)
Over $97,000 - Granted to help sick and injured pets in the Denton community.
Over $48,400 - Granted for critical shelter supplies and items such as microchips, cat carriers, kennels, etc.
Over $19,000 - Given for the Safe Haven Program and other community initiatives. (Since 2016)
Over 12,834 pets directly saved by DASF.
Over $1,000 pets vaccinated for Rabies at our DASF/TCAP Low-cost vaccine clinics. (Since 2016)
Over 4,000 Elementary children educated about proper pet guardianship (since September 2014).
"Pets are a really big part of a lot of people's lives and can be an especially difficult barrier for someone trying to leave an abusive home. Most places they could go may not be willing to take their pet as well. On top of that, harm to pets or threats to harm pets are a tactic used by some abusers to maintain control over their victims. Having the DASF Safe Haven pet shelter program has allowed us to remove one of the barriers that keeps people in dangerous situations." - Katie Swierczynski, Denton County Friends of the Family

"The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection appreciates how hard DASF has worked to make Denton a better place for pets and people. It's been our pleasure to partner with them through quarterly vaccine events as well as further discounted spay/neuter specials at our Denton location. We appreciate the grant funding we have received from DASF as it has furthered our mission and helped spay/neuter hundreds of Denton pets. Denton is lucky to have such a hard-working and dedicated group of people focused on making a real, lasting difference!" - Stacey Schumacher, Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

"Scanning through the medical notes of pets who received help through the DASF Emergency Medical Fund really tells their stories. I remember so many of these little ones and the pain and discomfort they experienced - young dogs with parvo, cats with fractured legs and tails, animals with ringworm, several cats and dogs with tail or leg amputations, animals with intestinal blockages from swallowing inedible objects, and even one puppy found with several BB's that had been shot into his chest. Knowing that these animals are all still alive and doing well to this day makes me appreciate DASF and the Emergency Medical Fund even more!" - Gayla Nelsen, City of Denton Animal Services Kennel Supervisor

"Without the support of DASF, Denton Animal Services would not be able to maintain our high quality of care for the animals, which results in one of the highest live release rates in the state." - Paul O'Neill, City of Denton Animal Services Supervisor