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PO Box 832412
Richardson, TX 75083
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Dallas Meditation Center is an educational organization, home to several meditation and support groups as well as classes and workshops in TaiChi, QiGong, Yoga, Music and other disciplines to promote living a healthy, mindful and happy life. Over 600 persons come to our center in Richardson each month to participate in our programs. Our Awakening Heart meditation groups have been serving people of all ages and diverse backgrounds for over ten years. We also have an active young adults group (20s & 30s) and are expanding our children's program (ages 5 and up). We happily work with businesses to provide introductory meditation and mindfulness presentations.

Our organization is a member of the Richardson Interfaith Alliance, supporting and participating in programs that foster cooperation and understanding among different faith traditions. We also participate in outreach programs to provide wellness education in prisons, meals for those in need, and blankets and coats for North Texas' homeless.
I am new to the Dallas Meditation Center but I found it so serene and peaceful. It rejuvenated and revived by energy level. I would recommend my friends and colleagues to take a look at this beautiful place. Moreover, I have met amazing people here and this helped me to learn about the cultures around me. -Goutham

The gatherings at the Dallas Meditation Center are instrumental in helping me cultivate peace and a sense of connection with others which I believe serves not only me individually but also my family, friends and community. -Sarah

Every week I find those moments of peace in the Sunday Meditation that last the entire week. -Gene

It has been a wonderful home for me to go further along my path of personal and spiritual development. If you have not tried group meditation, you have to check it out. I am always amazed by how different the energy is, and it helps me deepen my individual meditation practice. -Paul

The Dallas Meditation Center is a refuge away from the business of life, and it teaches its participants how to take that peace out into the world with them. The biggest benefit is the community they create of kind, open-hearted seekers who help one another walk in peace even when those people are meeting for the first time that evening. It's a second home away from home. -Kelsey

The benefits from the Dallas Meditation Center upon my overall quality of life are countless. Not only has it helped bring peace, understanding and practical tools into my life, it has also benefited my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. I recommend it to everyone. FC

Meditation is the smartest thing I've ever done. Regularly practicing mindfulness meditation has helped me heal and transform my suffering, including suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD, and disabling, chronic pain. I am so grateful that the Dallas Meditation Center provides excellent meditation instruction and regular practice groups. My experience practicing meditation with this compassionate community has brought so much joy to my life and strengthened my ability to access my inner healing resources on a day-to-day basis. I am calmer and more content dealing with the ups and downs of daily life, and I have experienced many powerful and deep transformations through my personal practice of meditation. -Jessica