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4900 Wichita Trail
Flower Mound, TX 75022
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CDA strives to develop ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers by training the student's heart as well as the mind. CDA is an accredited, interdenominational, private school serving over 1,300 PreK through 12th grade students on 3 campuses in the DFW metroplex ( Dallas, Collin County, Flower Mound). The CDA model is Christian, Classical, and Collaborative.

A worldview that is rooted in the Bible and Christian theology makes its way into every course at CDA, regardless of whether or not the textbook or other classroom tools are created by a Christian publisher. Our highly-trained teachers integrate this worldview into all of our Math, Science, History, Language, and enrichment courses.

The curriculum at CDA is taught classically through an approach to learning known as the trivium. The trivium consists of the three arts of language: grammar, logic and rhetoric. These are the arts of reading and writing well, thinking well, and communicating well. CDA students in PreK through 12th grade complete a rigorous, vertically aligned, and systematic course of study. History is studied chronologically from the dawn of the ages to modern times, which provides the outline for the study of literature, art, music, and science. Students read the best authors, such as Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and Dickens, which not only encourages critical reasoning and sharpens students' writing abilities, but also develops the moral imagination as students grow in their love for what is good, true, and beautiful. Through the study of mathematics and science, God's creation and order are clearly illustrated. Students begin the study of Latin in third grade, which develops logic and problem solving skills while reinforcing a student's understanding of grammar and language.

Our parents are an active and vital component of the learning at CDA. Most of our students are enrolled in CDA's Signature Program - a university model schedule - going to classes two to three days per week (2 days of core coursework with 1 day of electives on Fridays) and work at home under the tutelage of their parents for the balance of the week. This model allows the family to be the God-ordained primary influence on their children. Parents are equipped with assignments, due dates, and grades so they can aid in coaching their students without having expertise in subjects such as Latin, calculus, physics, and rhetoric.

CDA students also participate and compete in athletic programs, performing arts, speech and debate, visual arts, and more.

CDA was founded in 1999 and has graduated 564 students. The 68 students in the Class of 2018 are attending 28 colleges across the country this fall.
Our second son just graduated from Coram Deo Academy this past week. He attended the Flower Mound campus for 12 years (our 15th year at CDA). We cannot say enough about the caring teachers, coaches, and leadership at this school. It is a challenging program that prepared our children well for college success, and more importantly, reinforced a Christian worldview and strong foundation to build their lives upon. -- CDA Parent

Coram Deo is a wonderful school that provides a homey feel while providing excellent academics. It has been my home since sixth grade, and has been an amazing place to learn and indulge into what the world- and God- has to offer. It has prepared me immensely for my college years, and I cannot wait to finish out my schooling with the school. -- CDA Student

The classical, Christian curriculum, and the university-model structure, easily represent the best, and most comprehensive, approach to educating our youth. The classical education, presented with an overtly Christian worldview, provides an essential understanding of the Western culture and its Christian underpinnings that have given us the civilization we have today. And the university-model structure instills time-management skills that have given our children an immeasurable advantage in their college studies. If you're serious about educating your children in a Christian, college preparatory environment, there is no better choice available. --CDA Parent